What is the Bible Hell?

I wonder...if as believers, in reading the Bible we laid aside our religious denominated indoctrination and not allow erroneous man-invented philosophies to warp our understanding and interpretation, and allow the Spirit of Truth to breath understanding into what we read, would we gain a different understanding as to what truth is and the purpose of the Community of the Redeemed in the Community of Humanity?

I wonder...would we gain a different understanding of one of the pillar doctrines of religious institutions, thus denominations concerning the accepted norm regarding the doctrine of eternal punishment in the torture chamber of hell?

I wonder...would we discover that the Bible does not teach the commonly held idea that the fundamentalists, evangelicals, charismatics, pentecostals and so, regarding the dammed living for eternity in screaming agony without end because they are sinners?
I wonder...would we continue to believe that the Hell of the Bible denotes a place of retributive punishment without end that begins when sinners pass through the door of death because they spurned salvation. Would we find that God is not such a egoistical tyrant?

I wonder...if we did a word study of the four words that hell is translated from keeping in their contextual context and historical understanding would we assert and understanding that does not discredit or stain the character of a wise, compassionate, forgiving and loving God.

Is it fathomable that a benevolent, loving Father God would create people (the crowing glory of His creation) knowing that the vast majority would end up in and suffer the pangs of hell fire for ever world without end, because they would not side with Him?

Is hell as Jonathan Edwards thinks it is: "The world will probably be converted into a great lake or liquid globe of fire, in which the wicked shall be overwhelmed, which will always be in tempest, in which they shall be tossed to and fro, having no rest day or night, vast waves and billows of fire continually rolling over their heads, of which they shall forever be full of a quick sense within and without; their heads, their eyes, their tongues, their hands, their feet, their loins and their vitals, shall forever be full of a flowing, melting fire, fierce enough to melt the very rocks and elements; and, also, they shall eternally be full of the most quick and lively sense to feel the torments; not for one minute, not for one day, not for one age, not for two ages, not for a hundred ages, nor for ten thousand millions of ages, one after another, but forever and ever, without any end at all, and never to be delivered."

I truly wonder...if we did a diligent word study on the words, Sheol, Hadees, Gehenna and Tartarus would we believe as the Jonathan Edwards of the world believe.

Are we serving such a egotistical, sadistic, revengeful God as to create such a horrific place of punishment? For what my opinion is worth...NO!

Does not such a God make Hitler look like an angel?

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