What is so good about Hell that so many people who claim to be godly want to hold unto it?

Paul said; Prove all things. Hold fast that which is good. I wonder what is so good about hell that so many religionists want to hang on to it for dear life...pardon the pun.

Is the doctrine of eternal punishment in the torture chamber of hell for eternity for unbelievers  a biblical doctrine, or is it a devilish concoction, a religious fable borne out of scriptural ignorance and biblical misinterpretation?

Is it possible that this doctrine that religious denominations  use as a key doctrine to frighten the hell out of sinners so they will accept salvation a deceptive deception of unknown proportion?

If this doctrine is indeed devilish then it has caused great disrespect to our loving Father and the religious world has polluted biblical doctrinal purity and  is responsible for the greatest deception wrought on God's people in the annals of history, a doctrine that has caused many a mother, father and child unrelenting agony and mind torture to the point of insanity.

The catastrophic results of such an ungodly doctrine is treated so flippantly by most religious promoters, it shows their utterly lack of concern in their understanding the issue. If they believed in the hell they say they do they should preach and be as diligent  as the crazy Westboro Baptist Church people are in their continuously warning people about hell.

Do you not find it strange that God, in the transgression of Adam, Eve, Cain, Noah and the flood drowned people nor the sin ridden people of Sodom and Gomorrah, did not let them know about the eternal torment of hell. Would that have not persuaded more people to board  the Ark?

Is it not strange that hell fire was not included in the Mosaic Law, or in Jewish history, and when the words translated as hell in the bible are put in their right context, hell is not found in the bible?

I find it beyond comprehension that God did not care enough about those people to warn them that Hell fire awaits them when they die if they did not believe in Him? What made the hell fire and brimstone people think they are more favoured by God than then the people who were at the beginning of His creation? If the doctrine of endless punishment is a true doctrine, would God have failed to warn people in early history? If endless punishment in the fires of hell is true,  should it not have been proclaimed to the degree that no man could misunderstand.

When God created Adam and Eve, and placed them in the garden of Eden, did He announce to them that if they ate of the tree of good and evil that the possibility of hell awaits them. God is a just God, surely He would have warned them, after all he put them in range of this awful plight. Did He do this? Where is the record of it? I find it odd that NOTHING is recorded about hell in connection with the creation of man. Did God want these people to go to hell or did He not mention it because hell was not included in His plan for man?

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