Why do I choose to be a Religionless Believer?

"Isn't it to bad, he use to be such a good Christian, so involved in the Church, now he rarely ever goes to Church. I never thought that he would give up on God."

Take heart...I haven't...but I have given up on religion as the way to God, the way to maintain my relationship with God and the denominational segregetional buildings as the "Church" and the "House of God."

I believed in religion...at least my brand of religion...as long as I was hooked on its mind altering religious fixes of denominated indoctrinated Bible interpretations that made spiritual religious sense to my denominated brain-washed mind and to my spiritual desensitized heart caused by man-made religious programming.

As long as I accepted what rolled over the lips of God's "spiritual mouth piece" (or so they led me to believe) as the avenue of my spiritual enlightenment from God and what He wants of me, I was satisfied with what I believed being a believer was about and what "Church" was about.

In that environment of spiritual manipulation and control, one is lead to believe that humanity as a whole is lower than a snakes belly, unclean, unfit and worthless in the eyes of God, sinners destine for the fires of hell; thus, the view we believed was "the filthy rags syndrome". The Bible NEVER refers to people as "filthy rags", it is the "self-righteousness" of people who deem themselves to be the "righteous of Christ" that are filthy rags and a stench in the nostrils of God, not the people themselves. This filthy rag syndrome leads to judgementalism and condemnation so common in religion.

In this environment people are taught that they are undeserving of God's love, untrustworthy and deserving of hell because they are evil vile sinners. They are even told that God hates them and hell awaits them, in hopes to persuade them to join their religious rank.

In the religious environment, if you had questions about the religious doctrinal mix-mash of theological hog-wash, you were told that you were viewing their doctrine and theology wrong and that you needed to pray more and read your Bible more to get the mind of God because you were weak-minded and the devil was putting those doubts in your mind. You were led to believe that you were not surrendered enough to the leadership of the denomination to accept what God has shown them regarding doctrine and theology, you need to try harder to surrender your heart of God. Their view of not being submitted to denominational hierarchy indicated you were rebellious and not surrendered to God.

The religious environment is a breeding ground for reinforcing wrongheaded thinking, wrong-headed believing,  wrong-headed teaching and wrong-headed doing that destroys the unity of believers by segregating the body of Christ into segregated denominated buildings and by their surrendering to the care of spiritually unhealthy controlling religious people.

This segregated denominated, seminarian indoctrinated, manipulative, egotistical, domineering, soul crushing, brain-washing, mind boggling, fear-mongering world of religionism knows NOTHING of the unconditional love, mercy and the amazing grace of our loving God.

God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are religionless, the scriptures are religionless, the Church that Jesus is building is religionless, heaven is religionless.

Thus, I am privileged to call myself a RELIGIONLESS BELIEVER, the son of a RELIGIONLESS God because of 
the blood of a RELIGIONLESS Jesus, and sustained by a RELIGIONLESS Holy Spirit, and I belong to a RELIGIONLESS Community of the Redeemed that is on its way to a RELIGIONLESS heaven while living in RELIGIONLESS bliss. 

But, I am not a believer in a RELIGIONLESS hell!

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