Are You Loving?

The people that the religionist so love to judge, condemn and criticize and even assign to hell fire because in demonstrating their knowledge of the Bible, use their misinterpreted understandings to bash other people’s beliefs because they; reject their man-made denominated doctrine...reject or accept people as to whether they pray in tongues or flow in the gifts of the Spirit or not...are denominated, religionized or attend the or feast...follow certain religious rules and rituals or not...tithe or not...are not moved to accept the religionisrts view of God. If we as people of God cannot love unconditionally, then we are nothing but the creaking of a grease-less squeaking wheel causing damage to the Kingdom of God.

But, the religions always come back with, “we do love, we love people enough to tell them that hell is hot and eternal ready to swallow them up, if they do not accept Christ as Savior.” Turn or burn is their love message.

Sure, they boast of being loving, but their love is for the denominated birds of the same feather that flock together for denominated food in the same Sunday-denominated-pen. They love those who speak the same Christianese language they do, they love those who dress, look, act and think like they do. But that is conditional love. In other words, their loving is based on people living up to the standards that they they have is not towards the actual person them-self, which leads to the conclusion, that there is "zero unconditional love in conditional love."

Allow me to ask a question of you.

If you were to die tonight, tomorrow morning what would you be known for? That you were a self-important, hate-filled, judgmental, condemnatory, hell-fire assigning  Bible-thumping religious bigot?

Or will you be known as vessels of unconditional love, because that is exactly how Jesus loves people, and is who He is. The only people who upset Jesus, were the self-righteous religious know-alls...not the people known as "sinners" by the religious know-alls.

The goal in loving people is not to be more 'likable'. The bottom line is, God is Love, and as His ambassadors, we are to be the conduit that delivers that Love to the Community of Humanity. If not, what the people of the world see is just another empty religious denominational label that does nothing to promote the Kingdom of God.

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