Are you SICK and TIRED?

Are you sick and tired of wallowing in the unholy mix-mash mixture of the law-grace in the segregated denominated penned corrals, feeding on a mix-mash of rotten devil-inspired man-made doctrines cooked up by the denominated seminarian trained professional chef, that provides religious nourishment, but little or no spiritual nourishment for spiritual growth? 

Are you sick and tired of religious tradition that is nothing more than a rendition of man-made religious performances and rituals that you are led to believe will gain or maintain approval and favor with God, when all it does is gain you favor with a religious denomination and the religious hierarchy.

Are you sick and tired of being fat on bible knowledge trying prove that religion has life by spewing out dead words that are dead because the Holy Spirit has not impregnated them with spiritual life and truth, due ti the fact they are already impregnated with denominational death and lies? 

Are you sick and tired of being so religiously deceived that you accept religious fables as spiritual truth.

Are you sick and tired of the works orientated system of do's and dont's to prove your spiritual vitality and worth.

Are you sick and tired of all the religious manipulation and control facade? 

If you are...I invite you to plunge into the River of God's Grace of Sufficiency, where God's forgiveness and love flows freely to wash away the rotten flesh of self-righteous good deeds, the haughtiness of pious religious elitism, and the stench of segregated rotten denominated deceptiveness.

We all need a wash in the River of God's Amazing Grace to experience the freedom and joy it brings to our salvation relationship with God!

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