Is Religion Truly a Representation of the Life of Christ that it Claims to Be?

Most people in the western world assume and believe that the Christian religious world is a representation of the life of Christ, His gospel of grace and His teachings. This assumption is far from the truth but is accepted as truth because they...use the Bible has their holy book, their pattern for living and is without error...say that Jesus is their Head...the doctrines they teach Bible doctrines...the fruit of their efforts is proof that God is blessing them...say their interpretation of the Bible is correct...their condemnation and judgements are godly...their hierarchy structure is biblical...their Sunday-programmed-event-driven-meeting is Church...etc.. And the adherents to this kind of understanding has known nothing other than what they present and accept what they are told by the trained seminarian without studying to "show themselves a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

I thank God, that some people are seeing religion for what it is the broad way that leads to spiritual destruction and death. This, by in large, is happening because people are no longer taking the denominational slant on interpretations of the Bible as correct and have lost their fear of the fear-mongering of the denominated fear mongers because of their misapplication of the verse that says, "touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no arm," and are questioning, the religious  rituals, religious rules, religious practices and the man-made doctrines that has no biblical support or validity.

 The truth-seekers are speaking out and disappointed by the reactions (or the lack of) by the denominational religious elitist, to the point of being repulsed by the religious hypocrisy, their doctrine irrelevance to the teaching of Jesus Christ, their greed, and fear-mongering of a angry wrathful God who saves a few chosen ones and sends the rest to an eternal hell fire. People are recognizing that many of the traditional teachings that make up the Christian religion are false doctrines that were taught by false prophets was deception that they were trapped by. Truth seekers are are no longer accepting the pat denominational answers and explanations they have been given and once believed. They are becoming more confident in thinking for themselves and listening to the inner voice of God's appointed Teacher, the Holy Spirit.

People, only God's Grace can set us free from the domination of the religious system. The religious mindset is a destructive force that hinders the Community of the Redeemed participating in and forging ahead with the eternal plan of God for the Community of Humanity. The religious mindset, ideologies, and domination that is controlling God's people within the religious world is taking God's people down the "broad road" to spiritual doom and death.

The established man-made doctrines and religious mindsets are hindering God's work in the world, even to the prevention of salvation of people. The religious system must be dismantled and its pillars torn down one by one and exposed for what it's way of trying to get to God that has obscured the true Gospel of Jesus and His grace long enough.

The Community of the Redeemed is not to be led by religious preachers and denominated bible scholars, but by the Spirit of God teaching and moving through the Community of the Redeemed.

We have put our faith and trust in the deceptiveness of religion, but religion's history and performance over the past 2000 years has been a miserable failure as the Community of the Redeemed influencing the Community of Humanity towards the rule and reign of Christ in their heart and lives.

The Christian religion teaches that Jesus died to atone for the sins of the world, yet believe only a few will make it, rose again from the dead and sent the Holy Spirit as the Teacher of the Community of the Redeemed, yet reject Him as Teacher, and will return one future day to perform final judgement and assign the vast majority of people he loves to hell-fire torment forever. But, 2000 years later...there is no Jesus and their religious practices and living are such that they do not believe their own teaching let alone the true teachings of Jesus Christ.

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