Is what we are hearing TRUTH?

Some people born into the manipulation and control of religious bondage think that the freedom that Grace brings is sin sickness because Grace people believe that;

Antiquity is no guarantee of doctrinal may be doctrinal error that is believed to be truth.

Segregating in denominated tame-tagged buildings for two hours in a Sunday-go-meeten doesn't equal may mean that you are aiding in fighting the unity that Christ prayed for.

Hearing from a denominated seminarian professional doesn’t necessarily mean you are hearing from may mean you are hearing from the devil.

Giving to religious causes does not mean you are giving to most likely means you are giving to keep the religious wheel turning.

Believing or preaching something as denominational truth for a long period of time doesn’t always mean that what is taught or preached is Truth...It may mean that it is merely a man-made lie that is accepted as truth.

Just because Grace and Love is preached doesn’t mean Grace and Love is practically demonstrated by living may mean that Grace and Love is used as a hook to get you to join their segregation.

Just because your Pa-Star is healthy physically and wealthy with lucre does not mean He is blessed of may mean that he is blessed because he preaches you are cursed if you don’t give of your money to his ministry cause.

Just because a preacher is preaching from the Bible he is preaching the good news of the gospel...he may be misusing and abusing the Bible to preach judgement, condemnation and eternal punishment.

Take heed because all that you hear that is claimed to be the truth...may not be truth at all.

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