The misunderstood, it is a sin.

The reasoning of this writer should cause the evangelistic and fundamentalistic bible thumping literalists to question their hand-me-down orthodox traditions regarding their rituals, practices and doctrines and the use of the bible in establishing denominations, judgements and condemnations.
My guess is that most religionists who start to read this work will not finish it, nor believe it because it will destroy the manipulation and control they exert over people. 
Some will check who the author is and search the internet regarding his background and his qualifications to write such a work in order to discredit him rather than look at their doctrinal stance and reason as to if it is right or not.
I know nothing of this author, and I have not attempted to find anything about him. I may do that later...but for now, his writing resonates with some questions regarding...what I believe to be the greatest book on earth...even though I do not hold to it being errorless or all of its content infallible.

Now don't jump to the conclusion that |I agree with all the author writes.

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