The "For Sale" Gospel.

The gospel that religion preachers preach from the pulpits of segregated denominated buildings, from the stage of convention centers, from the podiums of the conference rooms and from the television screens in our living rooms, is for sale by the celebrity pa-stars, not for a buck, but for a lot of bucks and these mega bucks are making the charlatans filthy rich! Yet...the deceived still give!

The religious system has become a center of rapine business that lusts for the lust of the flesh, it is so obsessed with financial gains and people to fill the pews to supply that money, that it takes first, second, and third place and all its other functions take fourth place or greater. Money, manipulation and control has effectively corrupted the religious institutional denominations. But there is more to the mammon worship than just religious manipulation control and money itself or the subjective desire for is in reality a demonic power that has influenced the religious system that has given manipulation, control and money the ability to put a price on the Gospel that Jesus said is free..."freely you have received, freely give"...and open to all people because of His Grace, and changed it into a cesspool of bitter conquest, possession, and obsession.

Jesus nor His disciples however, asked for, or taught others to ask for money. Are His followers suppose to ask for money to support their ministry? If they do, are they not  putting their trust for provision and pay in men and not in God, who is suppose to be the one to direct "their ministry" that is supposed to be God's ministry? Those fleecing money out of people "for the work of God" are charlatans. They are thieves and liars for saying that it is the Godly way.

The worship of the almighty dollar is religiously concealed under the guise of what is called the biblical scriptural practice of...TITHING and FREEWILL offerings...because of religion's misinterpretation and misunderstanding of scripture as well as the fear-mongering of the fear-mongers by telling people they are cursed by God Himself, if they do not tithe.

Such blatant MISUSE of the Bible is ABUSE, leaving God with a bad rap.

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