The Going to Church Experience.

According to some...not, Sunday was not a happy event. The being dragged out of bed when they desired to sleep in, mandated to rub and scrub till their skin shone paying particular attention to clean behind the ears and to the corner eyes, clean the mucous from their snout...then stand at attention for inspection by mom and sent back to rewash if her inspection did not meet the passing grade. Their shoes had to be polished and spit shined, Their clothes had to be Sunday-only wearing clothes even though it did not fit well, breakfast was a rushed event amidst all the yelling and screaming to get ready because they were going to be late for church. Mom spit in her hand and applied it the kids hair so it would stay in place, kids were yelled at and slapped across the head for cat-fighting in the back seat, and dad was yelled at because of his seemingly careless driving. Yet all was  pleasantry and as we smiled when greeting the other church-goers as we went into the vestibule.

To top it all of people had to endure a brow-beating sermon that condemned them to hell for being human with human fallibility and failing to live up to the religious code of conduct.

That gave people night-mares for the rest of the week...Sunday mornings were very night-mare-sh to say the least!

So why did people go to Church at all?

This all made some sort of least denominational religious long as people were hooked on the mind altering religious facade of denominated indoctrinated Bible interpretations that made spiritual religious sense to the denominated brain-washed mind and to the spiritually desensitized heart caused by man-made religious programming. As long as people accepted what rolled over the lips of God's "spiritual mouth piece" (or so they led people to believe) as the avenue of spiritual enlightenment from God and what He wants of people, people were satisfied with what they believed being a believer was about and what "Church" was about. 

The the crowning glory was was...amidst all the frustration, confusion and facade it was still a super-duper Sunday picnic compared to being banished to hell fire by God, and burn forever and ever for not going to church, or so the teaching went!

So much for the “good news” of the Gospel...I guess!

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