We are Ultimately Responsible for what we Believe.

What we believe about the God and His Gospel is of utmost, practical as well as spiritual importance. None of us have a complete understanding concerning the oracles of God only God’s appointed Teacher, (the Holy Spirit) has that. The degree to which we can be spiritually deceived depends on what or who we put our trust in.

1 Tim. 2:15, says to "study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

Study does not come easy, it does not come by believing what a denominated preacher says over the pulpit, just because he is the preacher. It does not come by believing some denomination’s traditional point of view so as to not to be looked upon as disloyal. We must search the scriptures and interpret the scripture through the lens of Jesus (the direct image of God) to see if what comes over the pulpit is in line with the the character and teachings of Christ and the historical and contextual setting, and if it isn't, garbage it and believe Jesus instead. God chose not to give us scripture as an ordinary textbook, He chose to give us scripture in a very natural setting, letting us know that truth is there, and He gave us the Holy Spirit to help us find the truth that is there. If we don't take into account the cultural, contextual and historical setting, we will more readily accept whatever is said over the pulpit by the denominated seminarian as truth when it may not be truth, this will cause religious scales to form on our eyes and the religious spectacles that is provided will blur our spiritual vision even more, so that when you see the truth we will not believe or accept it as truth and deception sets in.

With the help of God's appointed Teacher in assisting us to understand the cultural, historical and contextual context in studying scripture, we are more apt to be be on safe ground. Using this method of studying scripture, there will be times when we won't like what the Bible says, but that doesn't change its truth. If we are going to study the Bible and interpret it in light of what we have been lead to believe instead of letting the Bible formulate what we believe then we are in trouble and we will not find the truth pertaining to God or His plan for the Community of the Redeemed in the written word.

As believers we need discernment to know if what we believe is correct. I am not out to convince you of what I believe, you cannot get it second hand, I share the truth of the Gospel of Grace as I understand it. If you accept it only on the basis that I have convinced you, then when someone else teaches another alternative he may convince you otherwise and you will end up in confusion. Read the content then search the scriptures to see if what I have written lines up with God's written word (not necessarily the denominated seminarian's interpretation of the word), be in prayer about it, and it is only when the Holy Spirit makes it real to you should you accept it. Even then...because we are only human we may have not gotten the teaching of the Spirit 100% right therefore we should always have an open mind ti the Spirits teaching and realize that what He teaches is always truthful but, in our human finiteness we may be dull of hearing and misunderstand the truth of it.

A pastor or teacher may teach you the right or wrong thing, but you are ultimately responsible for what you believe. You cannot say, well that is what my denomination believes, that is what the trained seminarian told me or that is the belief of what Bible School taught me, and expect to be excused for not interpreting or believing the written word of God. It is my responsibility search, to be in prayer, and to heed the voice of the Spirit, The teacher and preacher will be accountable to God for what he teaches and preaches, but I will be held accountable for what I ultimately believe! Our trust cannot be in a preacher or a denomination, it must be in the the Living Word of God...Jesus Christ...for that is the only way you will be an over-comer and understand the truth about what we write...if there is any truth in it at all.


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