Where You At God?

Have you ever been in Sunday-go-meeting gatherings where the preacher prays and invites the Holy Spirit to come into the building, or have the people sing, “Come Holy Spirit I need you?” Have you heard someone at the end of a meeting say, “God showed up in this meeting today”? Or, “Jesus chose to be present and manifest Himself today”?

Are these pray-ers ignorant of the fact that before they invite the Spirit to come to the building, He is already there! Do they not know that wherever God goes...He is already there; wherever Jesus goes...He is already there. People cannot go where God is not!

Before you get to where you are going God is already there, therefore, why the need to pray that He show up to where you’re at? Also, are religionists so religionized that they fail to realize that they are the house of God therefore, they bring God along with them wherever they go.

We cannot go where God is not...therefore, is not praying a prayer for God to show up where the meeting is, being ignorant of who God is and by praying such a prayer teaching people wrongly about God?

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