Why do the people who are suppose to be Graceful and Loving, LIMIT God's Love and Grace?

When the understanding of Grace becomes a reality in your living, you will be splattered with  religious rules and regulations of religious people, or has Paul puts it, "fallen from grace" people.

If there is one thing that riles the wrath of religion, it is the completeness of God's amazing grace and love. This wrath stirred in them may be due to their own lack of it in their lives, and in their preaching of their perverted gospel of mixing the law with grace.

From one side of their mouth they will tell you that God is a God of love and grace...while from the other side of the same mouth they say, BUT...both these statements come from the same heart. A divided heart that speaks both good and evil, that if the Spirit of Christ is in that heart, it should not happen. The divided heart of the religionists will weep and pray for the sinner for them to come to the alter for salvation and in the same breath consign them to hell fire at a future time if they don't.

If you are a grace living believer, never lose sight of the fact that the religious spirit of the religionists. Always remember that the religious spirit of the religionists ever seeks to bring you into bondage of religious ideologies, notions, rules and traditions that would regulate, control, and dispense God's love and grace only to those they deem worthy...the sinner that they can move to accept salvation as they, from their divided heart, heap the wrath of God on the ones who don't.  You live in a religious world that equates God's "grace and love" with with an act of obedience to the keeping of religious rules...conditional love...while God's love is unconditional. You will always be the target of graceless people who, enraged by your acceptance and understanding of God's amazing grace in you, will condemn and accuse you. 

But don't fret...Jesus was hated and ultimately crucified by religious endearing people for being graceful, loving and being a friend of sinners.  If the world heard  Him, they will hear you. If they hated Him without a cause, they will hate you also. Rejoice! For the fellowship of His sufferings only assures you of the reality of His life within you.

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