Anouncing the Gospel vs Living the Gospel.

In the modern Church, people are more concerned about announcing what they BELIEVE about God than LIVING as the Community of the Redeemed so that God will do His work through them in the Community of Humanity so others will believe in God.

The modern Church, without a doubt, can shout the Gospel out without living the Gospel out.

They can quote and twist scripture to validate man-made doctrines to validate their creed.

Such actions suggest that these religionists are so completely locked into their belief systems that they have relinquished all responsibility for reflective analysis as the Bereans did. They are, for whatever reason, unable or unwilling to question, probe or show any doubt about what they believe. They settle for a second-hand doctrines that offers (heaven when they die)...comfort (God is on their side)...and feelings that they are really special (they have the truth)...therefore, they are going to escape tribulation and hell.

I wonder if many religionists who are ardent in their attempts to convert others into their religious way of thinking, engage in such activity as a defense mechanism. Is it a way of keeping at bay all of their repressed and denied fears, anxieties, and insecurities?

The Gospel is not about believing doctrines. It’s about falling in love with God and learning how to love everyone and everything the way God loves everyone and everything.

It is much easier to believe doctrines, perform rituals, and enforce rules and rituals than to actually live in relationship and union with God, to allow God’s love to fill and overflow in our lives. Living in union with God means letting go of egoism, pride, and false attachments to power, prominence, and possessions. It means letting go of the need for control, for labeling, for judging, for creating denominated groups.

Knowing and communing with God, the one divine love means changing, and for the religionists that in and of itself, is the greatest challenge of all, because not for a moment can they accept the possibility that they may be wrong doctrinally.


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