Are Men Better at Loving People than God?

God said..."let us make man in our image" and in His image created He them (Gen. 26-27). God's creation of man was the crowning glory of His creation...that means that there was nothing in all of God's creation any more important to Him than the Community of Humanity. God created man to be in fellowship with.

Before any person is conceived God knows them.

God created people out of His love and a desire to be loved by them.

While people are in the womb God loves them.

When people exit from the womb God loves them.

God's loves people from infancy to adulthood.

God loves people from the beginning of adulthood to the end of adulthood.

God loves people...sinner or saint...from the cradle to the grave.

God knew that the vast majority of people He created out of love and loved would die either not knowing anything about Jesus, not hearing the gospel, or would not choose to accept what the gospel that is preached. Yet He created them and loved them!

As a father you had a part in bringing your sons and daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren...etc, etc...whom God loves with an everlasting love into the world.

Now, you love your children and grandchildren...not because of anything they have done or anything they can do...more than that...there is nothing that they can do that will stop you from loving them. There is nothing they can do to make you love them anymore, nor is there anything they can do to make you love them any less. You may like or not like what they do, but what they do doesn't change your love for them. And I am willing to bet that no matter what they do you would not want them to suffer punishment by being tormented forever and ever and if there was anything in your power to do to alleviate your children's suffering you would do it, to the point of laying down your life if that would alleviate their suffering.

I wonder does God love the animals he created more than He loves the people He created? Does He love the insects more than he loves people? "No" you say. Well, animals hurt people, kill people, eat people and they are not even punished while they live, let alone punished after they die for eternity without end.

Knowing that you would die to prevent your child or grandchild from a life of suffering, knowing that you would not sentence your child or grandchild to an eternity of punishment and torture, I conclude that you would not do this because you love them. If so, are you a better lover than God is? Of course you would say no?

Well, God who loves his children from the cradle to the grave...from birth to death...yet after death, loses His love for them and hates them so much, He allows them to punish in hell-fire forever and ever. Do you really believe that the Father heart of God is that cruel, sadistic, egotistical, revengeful and hateful because His children whom He loved with a never-ending love, who never heard about Jesus, never heard the gospel, never repeated the "sinner's prayer", even to the babies and children who die, God allows them to go to the torture chamber of hell-fire to suffer untold agony forever and ever?

Even though God seemingly loved these people from birth to death, did He really love them at all to assign them off to the hell that so many preach as the gospel of good news? REALLY, is this indicative of a loving father's this the GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL!

Does the Father heart of God ever stop loving people...NO...then pray tell, how can He allow the people He lovingly created to spend forever in a torture chamber of hell?


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