Bird of Prey Attitude.

Fear-Mongering people are like birds of prey soaring in their self-righteous spiritual heaven of high mindedness, waiting to swoop down on the spiritual uninformed and and the religiously deceived to scare the hell out of them in effort to conform them to their like mindedness. The spiritually uninformed are overwhelmed and deceived by their self-righteous piousness and deceptiveness and become trapped; they fall prey to the strength of religious self-deception a weapon that the devil has used to remove Jesus from the Headship of His Body and made Him subservient to man's philosophies. Oh, they lip-service Jesus as Head, butfrom the same mouth pay homage to the man-made hierarchy as the controlling head, which they then confirm by the upholding man-made beliefs in their actions.

The fear-mongers, while calling themselves “believers" in Christ, claim to be representatives of the very things Christ absolutely detest, and no I’m not referring to prostitutes, beer drinkers, addicts, homosexuals, abortionists or  non-church goers for Jesus never detested them. I am referring to Bible thumpers who in their self-righteousness judge, condemn, and find some warped pleasure in the plight of others, people who exalt themselves above the broken, hurting people and who can’t see past the outward evidence of a person’s inward struggle, and have the spiritual haughtiness to assign people to hell fire if they don’t conform to their religious understanding of repentance, and they do it all in the name of Jesus and the Bible, which gives them creditability to the spiritually uninformed and keeps the deceived, deceived.

Religion’s fetish attitude, and their idolization of the Bible...I should say, the idolization of their interpretation of the Bible...has done nothing to point people to the Bible Jesus. However, their misuse of the Bible points people to themselves as the way to Jesus, which is contrary to the Bible way. Pious mindsets has dimmed the Grace Gospel light so much that it is almost totally obscured to the world and to the religionist.

Isn't it time to start reading and understanding the Bible through the revelation of Jesus, its center piece...rather than through the religious spectacles of man-made doctrine and hand-me-down traditions and interpretations of manipulative persuasion to control the people of God for religion's benefit. 

Religion, not satisfied with God creating man in His image, have taken it upon themselves to create God in man's image! 

Such audacity is absurd!


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