Community involved Church.

Does a building called "church" or buildings called "churches" in a community mean that the "Church" is involved in the community...Or is it just taking up space in the community?

Does a building called "church" in a community mean that the "Church" is relational in the community...Or is it merely being relational with the people who participate as members who go to the building.

Does gathering together of like minded people in a building called "church" mean that what happens in the building, is "Church" participaction...Or is it participaction in churchianity?

Does merely meeting the clothing or hunger needs of people from a building called "church" from 1-3 on a Saturday constitute the "Church" in action?

Does merely being relational with like minded people gathered in a building called "church" on a Sunday being relational to the community.

From a Bible perspective, does the good works above constitute the "Church" being a true community involved Church?

Jeremy Myers says: 

"First and foremost, caring for others needs to be natural and relational. It needs to be something that flows out of relationships that is being developed. We should never go to someone we barely know with the intention of fixing their needs, just so we can go on to someone else who has needs. No, the development of a long-term relationship and friendship must be first and foremost in our goals."

"If all we are going to do is show up in a homeless park and dump a bunch of food on the sidewalk, and shout, “Jesus loves you!” and then get out of there as quickly as we can to get back to our comfortable living rooms and well-stocked refrigerators, we are missing the point of helping others. The development of a long-term relationship is the primary goal."

"Being the church in the community is not about dropping some bucks in the plate on Sunday morning, or even about giving some bucks from your wallet to the guy on the street as you hurry by on your way to work. Yes, money may be involved, but truly being the church in the community is about building relationships with others and loving people where they are at, doing what you can to be a blessing to them, and allowing them to bless you in their own way."

Well said Jeremy.


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