Protection Prayer.

Jesus, protect people from those who claim to be Christians and call themselves your followers, many of who hang out in what is called sacred buildings where on times they berate, manipulate, control, abuse, judge and condemn people because they do not believe as they believe.

Father, on times we may hold to man-made traditions, mindsets, and doctrines that aren’t Scriptural, and misuse the bible to validate the validity of such beliefs. Because of your grace and love you try to reveal truth so we will change direction. Whether we are obedient to your Spirit of Truth or not, and whether we will cease from our error to walk in relationship with you or not, is largely determined on how we respond to your revelatory revelation. Father, help us to realize that your correction of us is not by the preaching of seminarians who berate, manipulate, control abuse, or condemn us because of wrong beliefs or we do not believe what they believe. Rather, it is because you love us and want us to walk in your Truth. Amen,

Believers, as children of God, when we are enlightened with the truth regarding our man-made beliefs, traditions or practices we need to humble ourselves, repent with true repentance, and reject the religious voices of man to follow the voice of the Spirit into all Truth.


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