The Gospel...Good News.


Is the English Gospel of the western world preached from the different denominated pulpits  "good news" that was announced at the birth of Jesus Christ? The beliefs of the followers of religion are completely arranged around their beliefs based on their interpretation...or I should say misinterpretation of the Bible. 

Projecting unrest, fear and torment on people by religious pulpiteers  who should be bringing them the good news of the gospel, not teaching them that the prison and punishment of hell is for eternity for all people who have not said the "sinner's prayer. People hearing the doctrine of religion's hell-fire grieve and lament over the fate of their departed children, parents and love ones; and they often show their grief by blaming religion's egoistical, retributive God of horror that religion projects Him as.  They ask if there is any hope . . .and the religionists based on their misinterpretation of the Bible, is obliged to answer that there is absolutely no hope. The heart rendering grief caused by this unbiblical doctrine torments people to no end and causes them yo go through "hell" on earth.

The "good news" of the religious gospel brings what to people? Sorrow, broken spirits, fear, anxiety, unrest and grief that has no hope of comfort? Is this the good news of the gospel?  Was Jesus sent us into the world to bring that their dead children and other family members are being tortured in hell with no hope of escape? Good News indeed. No wonder the Gospel has not the effect it had in the days of Acts! 

There are those who claim that if we don't teach eternal hell, people will not turn to Christianity, or, even worse, some who are now "Christians" have said, "I wish there was no hell, then I could sin and not worry about the consequences." Wow...not saying much for the salvation he fear-mongers people to accept! This is like claiming that salvation is not not as satisfying as a life of sin and God must use fear to draw people to Himself. Imagine a man who insisted that he threatened a woman to get her to marry him because she can only be happy with him and if she does not marry him he will kill her. If a person did this we would say he is insane nut-case. And yet we turn around and claim that this is how the God...who is love...we serve behaves. And then say it is ok for Him to do it because He’s God, not man. 

Such blasphemy against God should not be on the lips of believers. When you are living thinking that God will send people to suffer in hell forever, does it cause you to trust and love Him. We can make up all the "theological" reasoning in the world to explain why this is necessary or acceptable, but really, who would allow so much of humanity when they had no input in being born or where they are born, whether they have heard about Jesus or not to suffer in hell forever? Wouldn’t it be better if they were never born at all if it meant that so they were going to suffer the torments of hell fire for all eternity?

Does hearing hearing this hell fire doctrine, help people be more, or less respective of our loving Father God?

Jesus did not come to CONDEMN the people of the World or send to hell ...He came to bring them GOOD NEWS.


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