What is Evil?

Evil committed for religion by religious people is the evilest form of evil because it defames God’s name. And belief in a morally demanding and morally judging God of love as the only means to a better world is the heart of the Gospel. When God is rendered the source of evil rather than the source of good, hope for a good world is shattered. 

Understanding evil done in religion's name is difficult because of living in and agreeing with religion’s deceptive deceptions.

Religious evil should be suspected by religions:

Claiming that their interpretation of the Bible is absolute truth.
Giving blind obedience to religion’s hierarchy.
Establishment of the "ideal" end-time starting point by taking events that are happening in the world and fit them into the end-time jigsaw puzzle to validate their ludicrous predictions (that historically have failed them in the past) to come to pass. When people have an end-justifies-the-means mind-set.
When people are dominated with a punitive mentality with declarations of a holy war to avenge a revengeful God who punishes evil by casting the people that evil has overcome into a everlasting hell fire.

It is sad but true...The Bible is abused and misused by people who use it as an authoritative, infallible, and without error book for promoting their religious interpretive agenda and cause. In so doing, the religious world and the religious message has discredited the good name of our loving God.

 If the religious world better understood the commandment against “taking God’s name in vain,” the meaning of evil would be understood to be more than sins of the flesh.

“Do not take the Lord your God’s name in vain” is how the King James Version translates the third commandment, but it is a serious mistranslation that is denied by the KJVers.

If translated literally it should read: “Do not carry [or “lift”] the Lord your God’s name in vain.”

How can a person carry God’s name in vain? The person who commits evil in God’s name.

If religion wants to make a dent in combating evil, there is no greater place to start than by announcing loudly and clearly what evil is, and that religion is guilty of committing it. Nothing turns people from God as much as evil done by religion.

Going against God by by following the way of man rather than the way of Christ by believing what religion says rather than what God says, is far more EVIL than the exterior wrong activities that religion condemns people for.

Religion needs to stop giving an evil report.


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