Which Train are you on

 Hell Bound Train
Heaven Bound Train
The title of the sermon tonight is:

“Get off the hell-bound torture train...get on the heaven-bound glory train.”

That to most Christian religion pulpit preachers is the essence of the gospel. Earth is the train station whereby you can deboard the hell-bound train...that you have been traveling on since you picked up your hell-bound ticket at birth...and board the heaven-bound train, provided you have your salvation ticket by having said the “sinners prayer” here on earth.

Now mind you, you did not have to do anything about picking up your ticket for the hell-bound train, you had no choice in that matter. God saw to it that you acquired that ticket the moment you were born...that is the way most religions see it.

In essence they are saying our loving Father God saw fit to supply the crowing of His creation (mankind) with a one way ticket on the hell-bound train with no choice of their own to refuse it...it is mandatory whether you want it or not. However, He did not see fit to supply anyone with a ticket for the heaven-bound train, that is your responsibility...not His!

Wow! What kind of God love and good-news gospel is that?

How can people who believe God is a better father then human fathers believe such about our loving Father God, when human fathers would not even think about doing such a diabolical, deviant and devilish thing.  

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