Who Complicated the Gospel?

 Have you ever wondered why the religious "spiritual elite" pharisees, the priests of the synagogues, the Jewish theological Bible Scholars of the day were unaware of their Messiah’s birth...yet...the nonreligious, "spiritual pauper" sheep herders received the announcement of, and an invitation to go where the child lay to worship the Christ child. Why was the great spiritual event of the birth of the Savior not revealed to the religious Bible Scholars skilled in their own eyes and/or in the eyes of the religious world? Surely God knew that it would be the ultimate insult to those who pride themselves in their theological expertise, by revealing this liberating spiritual event to the unschooled "spiritual paupers" in religious theology.

Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. . . .”Mat. 11:25

In the world of religion the making of Theological Biblical Scholars serves them well. Theologians, I’ll call them...Bible Scholars...are trained and schooled in the denominated doctrinal theology of their choice. They go to their chosen religious institution of higher learning with a predisposed mindset of denominated beliefs and understanding and study the Bible as per their doctrinal mindset to become Bible Scholars to support their predetermined religious theology and belief system.

How can people become Bible Scholars by studying the “same” Bible, yet come up with so many different scholarly theological thesis? Because, though the same Bible is studied in each name-tagged higher institutional learning center, each scholar student has on their own religious denominated spectacles that is the same as their own scholar-ed denominated professors are wearing. In most cases the scholar student does not go to the higher institutional learning center to think and learn for himself, he goes to think and learn the way the scholar-ed professor has learned and thinks which is in line with their religious beliefs.

Now that these scholar students have successfully passed the scholar-ed denominated exams, they are now known by the religious world as Theological Bible Scholars. The writing of denominated reference books, Christian living books and doctrinal books flow from the minds and pens of these Biblical Scholars as if they had a direct line to God for spiritual information that He desires His Children to know and the Bible Scholars reap a financial windfall by the sale of the books they write. The Gospel is freely received but, the Bible Scholars merchandize the Gospel and make to be denominated to fit all religious persuasion thus polluting it. This regurgitated denominated material is the source that denominated preachers use to give validity to what they preach and teach.

Now, is their anything wrong with higher learning in-and-of-itself...of course not...the wrong comes in play when we elevate the higher learned on a pedestal of being the go-to-person for spiritual understanding and growth, thus bypassing and usurping God, Jesus and their appointed teacher the Holy Spirit as the source for spiritual knowledge, Kingdom living and Gospel presenting.

Jesus said in Matt. 18:3, Truly I say to you, unless you repent (change, turn about) and become like little children [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving], you can never enter the kingdom of heaven.

The true Gospel of God’s Grace is pure and simple...even a child can understand it. It took religion, theologians and Bible Scholars to make it the mix-mash of frustration and confusion and the money making business that it is. But the frustration and confusion serves them well in their manipulating, controlling and fleecing the flock to keep the denominated religious wheel of frustration and confusion turning.

The study of the Bible is of great value, but the more emphasis one places on studying Scripture to interpret it to validate religious persuasion, rather than living its truth, the more deceived one will be.

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