Be Graceious even to the Graceless..

As Grace receivers, Grace believers and Grace givers it is normal for us to question religious orthodoxy, bible interpretation, doctrine, rules, rituals, traditions and practices. Because of the unlike Christ beliefs and actions, the segregation caused and sanctioned by denominated segregated buildings and the manipulation and control of people in those buildings, the man-made doctrines, rituals, rules, bible interpretation judging and condemnation by the grace-pluser-religionists...we have become questioners and skeptics regarding our acceptance of such ideology.

Through our questioning based on the character of God as revealed through the lens of Christ, the express image of our loving Father God, we have discarded some of our traditional beliefs, doctrines and practices as false, deceiving and out-right lies due to the misinterpretation, misuse and the abuse of twisting and wresting scripture out of context to validate false doctrine and practices.

What does this mean for "Grace-Only-People"?

There are a wide range of emotions, reactions and experiences that Grace-Only-People will encounter from the Grace-Plus and the Graceless people.

Shunning...some people will shun you because they are fearful of the "guilt-by-association label and accused of being infected with the same dis-ease-syndrome that you are infected with.

Strife-Breeder...some people will label you as a strife breeder because you question the accepted traditional doctrines and practices that have been the building blocks of religion and its deceptions and all you want to do is cause strife and division in the "church". you may be labeled a heretic, atheist, scum, idiot, coward, and other usual slurs and hateful remarks.

Disgruntled Former Parishioner...this label is a common one. if you resist fitting into the religious-box by poking holes into the box to expose the deception of its doctrines and practices you will wear the disgruntled label because you refuse to submit to the religious authorities. You may be accused of being an “ignorant idiot who think he is smarter the seminarian trained "Bible Schollar-ed-Theologians." Religionists can use such rude language when someone asks them difficult questions about their denominated ideologies.

Some people will say they are still your friends...even though it is in a condescending way. They begin to treat you as though you are broken, crippled, blind, foolish or spiritually unstable, and they are there to nurse you back to spiritual health. Instead of taking your questions seriously, they treat you as though you have some kind of spiritual problem, but loudly claim that they are still your friend, even while you have this evil spirit. These friends take every opportunity to use bible verses to debate and tear down what is against their belief and judging you has having a evil, broken heart, and that they and praying for you to stop being so spiritually stubborn and accept their rendering as to what the truth is. At least, these people still talk and associate with you.

Some people may fear-monger you with spiritual telling you  that you are one of the people God has sent a strong delusion to so that you "cannot discern truth", therefore, you will burn in hell if you do not repent.

One sad part about the above kind of people is that they accuse people who associate with you, whether family or friends, as thinking and believing the same as you do, which is far from being the truth. Yet, they treat your associates as if they do believe the same as you!

Then there are people who genuinely remain your friends, even though they disagree with you. Unfortunately people of such caliber are few and far between. However, they make up for their small numbers with their big hearts. These people are exceptionally great and are a shining illustration of love and kindness. They may or may not understand where you are or why you feel that way you do, but they remain good friends regardless of their disagreements. These people tend to be less dogmatic and certainly would not classify themselves as religionists, however, they certainly are believers. Ultimately I hope more of us can learn to be the kind of friends who kindly accept others when they disagree, always practicing humility, understanding, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, love and grace...never condescending scorn and religious elitism.

Be gracious even to the graceless.

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