Deception's Deceived...Who Are They? Part 3

We live in a world that is awash with a "gospel" that is "NOT" the "Gospel." Because of this deception we have MANY deceived people who believe this "NOT" gospel, is the "Gospel "and are deceiving MANY into believing  it too. We indeed perilous times but, I am not referring to the threat of ISIS or the threat of World War 3. I am talking about the acceptance of deception's lies as Truth and presenting it as the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are in dire need of examining ourselves and ask where our loyalties rest. Are we loyal to God...or...are we loyal to religion?  Do we  believe a particular teaching because it is Biblical or because some seminarian denominated professional said it was Biblical? Because someone is seminarian denominated trained does not mean all he teaches is Bible Truth?

Spiritual truth is available, but is found only in the One who said, “I am the way, the truth and the life,” and as taught by His appointed Teacher, the Spirit of Truth. Are you determined to believe whatever He will show you, regardless of the cost, or the scorn and ridicule you may by the religious world?

If the Truth of the written word shatters the deceptionized truth of religious beliefs and doctrines, are you willing to be shattered as well, no matter what ill-treatment you may have to endure from well intentioned religionists?

Should we not consider God's Truth more important than personal belief, and loyalty to that Truth more important than loyalty to man-made traditions, man-made doctrines, man-made religious practices, denominated preachers, denominated friends, or denominated denominations? 

How long will we continue to cling to man’s ideologies when its proven to be man-made ideologies, how long will we patronize the "NOT" gospel?

One thing we should remember as a believer...according to Romans 14:12, you, and you alone will give an account to God for you. Your denomination, religious persuasion or your denominated seminarian professionals will not give an account of you for you. If they have taught you wrongly they will be accountable for their wrong teaching but, you will be ultimately accountable for what you believe to be truth.

Don't  just blindly accept WHAT OTHER MEN SAY about the Bible and about God, but to actually search the scriptures in its environmental, historical and contextual context to understand God through the lens of Jesus, God's reveal-er.

We have the ever-present help and aid of the Spirit Himself who will "guide us into all Truth" John 16:13.  We have “the One who is our Teacher”  Matthew 23:8.  We have “the Comforter, even the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, who shall teach you all things” John 14:26.   We have “received the Spirit sent by God, so that we may know all that God has given us” 1 Corinthians 2:12.

Why depend of fallible humans for us to hear from God. we need to hear from God for ourselves.

Nevertheless, when the Son of man comes, will he find faith on the earth? Or will He find that we have put our faith in self appointed religiously trained men!

Jesus foretold that there would be MANY deceivers and MANY deceived.  Not a few, but MANY.  In addition to this Jesus asks the question, "when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"
(Luke 18:8) He knew that when He came back, the world would be embracing a religious system filled with deceit!

What should this warn us against?  That it is certainly very dangerous to assume that all mainstream denominational denomination follow the Bible in its truth.  

Jesus knew that in our day, there would be millions upon millions of professing believers enthralled with their man-made denominations; their man-made doctrines; their creeds; their church constitutions; their seminarian denominated pastors and teachers; books and commentaries; seminaries; Christian conferences, seminars, and theological workshops; world wide missionary movements; Christian radio and TV; the Internet, and a host of other things, and yet in spite of all this, He asks, "When the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?"

In a world flooded with deceived deceivers deceiving the deceived, and in a time when Jesus said true faith would be scarce, it simply won't do to just believe what our denomination has told us to believe, regardless of how many hundreds of years a particular teaching or doctrine has existed, or how many degrees are behind the pastor's name or no matter how sincere they are and how pontificate their preaching is. More than ever, we need to seek God for wisdom and spiritual understanding.

There may be MANY today who are coming in Jesus’ name, doing what is deemed as wonderful works, proclaiming Him to be the Christ, the Son of God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s, proclaiming to worship Him, in the House that is not His House, on Sunday His "Church day", when every day is His Church day, proclaiming themselves to be His representatives, proclaiming for themselves “authority” derived from Him…AND YET, are deceiving the MANY.

“Be not deceived my beloved brethren.” James 1:16

All that a appears and is accepted as Truth is NOT Truth and even though it is preached as Truth it is the "NOT GOSPEL"


  1. So I guess Satan is winning after all with the millions that he is deceiving and God is loosing the battle.

  2. Hubert...if you believe that the "NOT" gospel that you endearingly, passionately but...wrongly preach and hold too is you way of fighting in order to help God win against Satan you can REST fro your fighting....GOD HAS ALREADY DEFEATED SATAN! It is the gospel that is the "NOT" gospel, if it were true that would give Satan the victory in that he would have the vast majority of God's creation in this hell-fire torture chamber with him for all of eternity with God powerful enough to get a few stragglers along the way.

    All the while I believed what I was traditionally taught about hell, I continually suppressed the lack of contentment and joy lacking in my salvation due to believing that the vast majority of people...the crowning glory of God's creation...were going to suffer in hell for eternity, world without end. Does not this teaching render the "will of man" to be more powerful than the "will of God", who wills that "everybody" be saved. Is there anyone out there who really believes such absurdity?

    I no longer believe that our all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving God created billions and billions of people knowing the vast majority would be tormented in hell forever...or that man's free-will to damn himself by not accepting Him be “absolute,” and greater than God’s “free will” to save him, the crowing glory of His creation...or, that Adam’s power to condemn us is more powerful than Christ’s power to save us?

    If you believe in a literal hell of eternal conscious torment, that means you believe that nearly everyone you see today will be screaming in blood-curdling agony for trillions of years. And the first trillion years won’t be .000000000000000001% of their total stay in hell’s torture chamber of everlasting punishment.

    And if you believe you have the answer to this unspeakable travesty, and that you have the answer to prevent such a travesty...but you just put your 60 inch TV into the Wallmart cart, walk past all the hell bound people without saying a word to warn them, check out at the checkout line without speaking to the hell bound cashier, pleading with her to accept Christ...if rather, you just return to your car, tune to the gospel radio station on the ride home, set up your new TV set, turn on the christian broadcast station to listen to your favorite TV evangelist and send him some money in response to his pleading to save the world or to receive your spiritual blessing, and feel you have done your part...what kind of a Christian are you?

    If hell means the eternal torture of the vast majority of people who have ever lived...including most people you've ever met or will meet...and Christians are whistling and smiling happy on their way to heaven, without a care in the world because they and a few of their family and friends have repeated the magic “sinners" prayer. Yet, to those that had a chance to accept Christ but didn’t; its "to hell with them" as far as they are concerned...if that is the Christian’s belief then, are they not compassion-less, love-less and grace-less nincompoops, who portray God as being worse than Hitler?

    That is the essence of the "Not" gospel! It is against all that is Godly and Holy...The True Gospel of Grace, the Gospel of Jesus Christ's compassion, forgiveness and love the has won.

    Do not fear Hubert...the devil is a walking "DEAD MAN" it were...isn't it time you bury him?


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