Yesterday's post asked a question regarding the translating of the scriptures by the translators in the producing of the Bible.

Let me ask the question this way as a precursor to today's post.

Were the translators translation of the scripture from Hebrew and Greek language that make up the Bible, always true to the root meaning of the text translated?

For starters lets take a look at one of those words that the translators mistranslated that has impacted the people of the world and has subverted, bastardized and prostituted the purpose of the Community of the Redeemed in the earth.

The word I am referring to is the word "Church."

The bastardization of the Word "Church" is borne out at just about at every Sunday-go-meeting in every denominated building every Sunday in the words of the preacher..."I welcome you out to Church this morning, so nice to see so many in the House of the Lord." "This is the place where the Lord dwells and where we can to meet with Him." If you happen to miss going to the denominated segregated building for a few meetings, you may get a call from the pastor..."you haven't been out to "Church" lately, we've missed you, is everything OK?"

Because the translators substituted the word “church,” as meaning a building, instead of the word, ecclesia, a word reflecting a functioning body or a community, (hence the Community of the Redeemed) it has affected people's understanding regarding the meaning of the "Body of Christ".  The word used in the Bible given to us by the translators has nothing to do with the original Greek word ecclesia. This was a covert translation authorized by King James and his bishops to keep their authoritarian control over the people.

To some of you...Mm...probably to most of you, this may come as a surprise! There is no such thing as the religious institutional Church in all of scripture! Well you may is in my Bible, so get yourself the right Bible (The Authorized King James) and it will be there. By the way, because King James authorized it does not mean that King Jesus authorized it! 

Oh yes indeed, the word "Church" is found about 100 times therein; but the English word "Church" is not the proper translation of the word translated.  That word is not a TRANSLATION of the Greek word ecclesia; the word church is substituted for a translation of the Greek word ecclesia in every place it appears in the NT Scriptures with the exception of three instances; all three found in Acts 19:32, 39, and 41, where it is translated as more correctly as  "assembly".

When Jesus said, “Upon this rock I will build my ecclesia,” (Mat 16:18) the translators purposely used a word to identiy a building rather than the people.  What He said was that upon the great truth confessed by Peter, that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God, Jesus would build His assembly, His gathering, or His "Community of Redeemed".  Jesus did NOT say that He would build a segregated denominated church and He did not do any such thing! The ecclesia of Christ is NOT a church denomination or building!  All denominational churches are the works and creations of men.  Jesus did not set up a religious institution of any kind.  The ecclesia (ek, "out of or from," and kaleo, "a calling or to call") is His called out, obedient people, wherever they are!  The ecclesia (or  e-k-k-l-e-s-i-a) is NOT an organization or institution, it is a organism.

The translators did not get a mandate from God to represent or usurp the authority of Christ or His Spirit of Truth to translate the scriptures, let alone to translate the scriptures while ignoring the true meaning of the original words and inject words to confirm man-made theories ideologies.


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    Wow! Thank you Lord for knowing who your people are. Thank you Lord for choosing me. Thank you Lord that you are almighty, thank you for your spirit in me, may you continue to work in my heart, may my will be your will. You've changed my heart forever, you found me in the most unlikely of places, you speak your word to me through many sourc


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