Lets take a look at another word that the translators mistranslated that portrays our loving Father God in a very negative light. In fact it makes Him out to be the ultimate sadist and terrorist of all time.

That word is "hell."

Is there a a torture chamber of hell that the vast majority of God's crowning creation will spend eternity in everlasting suffering and punishment as is the belief of the "Christian religion"? "HELL NO"!

If the chambers of hell is the final home of sinning sinners, sinning saints, children and adults alike, why was it never mentioned to sinners like Adam, Eve and Cain, or to the bad people of Sodom and Gomorrah and Pharaoh who defied God repeatedly?

Now...I am not a theologian, nor am I the son of a theologian. I am not a prophet, nor am I the son of a prophet. I am not a scholar, nor am I the son of a scholar. I am not a sadist, nor am I a son of a sadist.


As His son, I detest and disagree to the greatest extent possible the slanderous, demoralizing, demeaning, disrespecting, dishonoring, devilish accusation, by those who claim to be my spiritual their portraying my loving Father as a conceited, egotistical, revengeful sadist who will torture men, women, children and newborn babies in the torture chamber of hell’s eternal punishment because they died never having heard of Jesus and the plan of salvation or refused to accept Jesus as savior, if they have heard.

Now, I know my "bible knowing" religionist siblings will not agree with my view of God regarding hell, but know this, just because religion has believed in, and taught the everlasting fires of hell for so long does not necessarily make it a bible or true doctrine. There was a time when we scripturally believed that the bible supported the sun rotating around a flat earth, a time when slavery was supposedly supported by the bible. We now look back and laugh at our idiocy of having believed such ignorance, and yet, sometimes we still assume we now know it all about the "forever lasting" matter of a torture chamber of hell fire. But! Do we?

Holding to the scriptures we think we know and think we have the correct interpretation of, it is easy to discard anything that refutes what we already believe. I use to be a pro at defending what I thought was right. I had all the scriptural points to prove why I was “right” regarding a particular belief because I interpreted the scripture based on my belief rather than letting the historical and contextual context of scripture formulate my belief. Little did I know then, that I was merely echoing one of the many interpretations out there. What God knows about the matter and the picture God sees is much broader than my narrow-minded vantage point.

The popular concept we have of Hell, is that it is an eternal inferno of literal fire where bad people (and or those who haven't received Christ Jesus, including babies and children) will spend eternity in. But when we look up the root words translated hell in the bible, we find that their meaning has nothing to do with what we have been led to believe.

Are there scripture verses that describe "hell," explaining its origin, its location, where the devil is the  and defining its purpose? Again, "HELL NO"! If you study "hell" in the Bible, looking for the religion's torture chamber of eternal punishment, you're in for fruitless search for facts, definitions, explanations, reasons, references and images. Why? Because the Hebrew prophets never mentioned a place where the devil is the master-gate-keeper and the vast majority of people God created (out of love) burn in everlasting "hell fire," agonizing in eternal agony, weeping and gnashing their teeth forever. Hell in the Bible is a mistranslation  of the Greek and Hebrew words in the scripture that are translated as hell in the English Bible.

Have you ever wondered why...if hell is real  Why God would create human beings knowing that most of them would spend eternity therein would He have not wanted early human beings he created to know about it? The Jewish scriptures (Old Testament) mentions a place called Sheol, but the scriptures clearly show the Hebrew word Sheol means "the grave." The New Testament, clearly shows that the Greek word Hades also clearly means "the grave." Nor does Gehenna mean "hell,"  it is a physical location in Israel known in Hebrew as Gehinnom, or the Valley of Hinnom.

None of these words refers to a fiery hell inferno, where people...would be deep-fried in their own rendering fat...forever and ever world without end.

Therefore "hell" is not a biblical teaching at all, it is a deliberate mistranslation used by religious manipulators and controllers to brainwash people into forking over their undying devotion while toeing moral religious ropes to keep the ship of RELIGION from sinking. It seems hell hath no fury like a hypocritical religious-moralist out to manipulate and control other people's lives in order to keep the wheels of man-made religion rolling. Unfortunately, the people who suffer most from this diabolical, hellish disease are highly impressionable children who trust religiously deceived adults, denominated preachers and teachers not to mislead them...yet, being misled they are!

The is main reason I have reneged on the popular belief in the religious hell of hell's eternal punishment and damnation, is because it is simply not in the original language of scripture.


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