The Bible.

Some people think that because I do not believe the Bible as being infallible or error-less, it is just as well for me to cast it aside because it is no longer trustworthy. they are wrong, it is not the Bible that I do not find trustworthy...I believe it to be the most inspiring book ever written. What I do not trust is the way people misuse, abuse, and interpret it outside its  cultural, contextual and historical context. 

When I put aside the seminarian denominated trained  professional man-made indoctrinations that was spoon-fed me, I more clearly heard the voice of the Spirit, God's appointed, anointed Teacher of Truth and it set me free from the man-made ideologies and religious bondage of manipulation and control.

I have higher respect for the Bible when it is given its rightful place, more than I did when I gave it a  wrongful place of idol worship as the "Living Word," of God, even thought I do not support the premise that it is infallible and error-less.

Though the Bible is the written word of God that points to "Living Word", it is not the "Living Word", however it confirms that Jesus is "The Living Word" of God. Between its covers we see the prophecy in Ezekiel and Jeremiah and David....and the confirmation by Jesus and Paul, that a New and Better Covenant was coming where the law of Christ would be written in the hearts and minds of people. People are so bound by wrong interpretations of the Bible they cannot partake in the freedom and the power that Jesus' death and resurrection to infuse the Community of the Redeemed. Believers need to be FREE of trying to live their lives by things written in the Bible that were never meant for them to use as instructions for their daily living.

Now this next paragraph may want you to label me has an HERETIC, or has some people put it "a cancer in the Body of Christ that needs to be cut out." 

 The also made to be the most dangerous book ever written...when misused and abused. It is the official handbook for self-righteous people who manipulate and control others. It is the champion of every man-made religious denomination that supports to the segregation of God's people that is a real hindrance to the work of Christ through His Community of the Redeemed in the earth. Because of its misuse and abuse it has caused strife, hatred, division, and wars. It is the source of condemnation, fear and self-doubt. It makes God out to be the supreme of terrorist activity. It causes people to fear the living of their life authentically for a mask living of fake-ness and prevents living in the freedom that grace provides.

Respect the Bible...yes...but don't idolize and worship it as the "Living Word", it is not. Don't believe everything your man-ordained, man-appointed, seminarian trained denominated infused religious teacher tells you. Never allow man's interpretation of the Bible to still the voice of the Spirit, God's ordained, appointed anointed Teacher. The "written word" that points to Jesus, should be trumped by the "Living Word" who has made His abode in the heart of man.

The Bible: Love it, read it, treasure it but NEVER believe it is the "Living Word", for in so believing you have made it into a idol to be worshiped and diminished Spirit of Christ in you and prevents the Spirit of Truth from speaking Truth to your heart.


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