The Purpose of the Church.

Religion is in the denominational business producing a product that religious marketing Pa-Stars are selling for organizational or personal gain. Christ did not establish the Community of the Redeemed to start a marketing religious business that sells gospel blessing by fleecing the flock of their money.

The social club mentality of church-as-usual in segregated denominated buildings, is the reason religion is one of the greatest enemies of the work of God through a unified Community of the Redeemed in the earth today. As the Community of the Redeemed we are to live in the knowing that Jesus came to eliminate religious segregation, and religious expectations so people can live the freedom of the grace life in and through Jesus Christ.

The purpose of the (Church) the "Community of the Redeemed" as the Community of Faith following Jesus, is to influence the Community of Humanity regarding the Gospel of God's Grace and Love in their daily living of life.

The goal of the Community of the Redeemed is to shine the spotlight on Jesus who initiated a relational relationship by incarnating Himself in people making them His Community of the Redeemed freeing them from religious bondage to live the grace life as His loved children, loving the across-the-path people they meet in daily living.


  1. Lynette Peterseb's comment.

    Absolutely right…But this is not something we can tell the church. They refuse the truth and believe the lie even if the truth is standing right in front of them


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