The Community of the Redeemed...The Full Expression of Christ.

As Christ was and is the full expression of His Father God in heaven...The Community of the Redeemed is to be the full expression of Christ on earth. That means that people who view the Community of the Redeemed in action should see the characteristics of God in their action, because the God in heaven is the God in them and Christ in them is the one working His works through them. Even though to the observer on the outside it seems like the person is doing the work, if that person is living in Grace he is not doing the work in and of is Christ in him doing the work through Him revealing God to the Community of Humanity.

In observing the Religion of Christianity would one conclude that the above is demonstrated? Is their work and ministry focused on edifying, maturing the Body of Christ...The Community of the Redeemed...that it might grow into the fullness of Christ, attaining oneness with God and in the understanding of the full and accurate knowledge of what Christ accomplished on the cross so that our spiritual completeness will be nothing less the the standard of Christ's righteousness and perfection.

You may say...Well Glenn that is impossible, that won't happen until we are changed and made like Him in the future. Really? Isn't the Community of the Redeemed to be the full expression of Christ, Who fills His people with Himself, and does not Colossians tell us that He is full of God.   God's people are to be built up so that they become the perfect and complete expression of the fullness of God.

Friends, regulating Church to a two hour Sunday-go meeting, controlled led and directed by the one-man show-band will never ever mature the Church to where it is the full expression of God in the earth. Go to any Sunday-go-meeting...there is little one-anothering, little exhorting one another, there is little building up of one another, the only activity is coming from the frozen-chosen directed by the seminarian professional frozen in his/her denominated beliefs to keep what happens in the meeting, inside the denominational boundaries. 

Religion has denominated Christ and prevented the denominated robotic-els from being filled with the fulness of God. Whereas, the true Christ of God is NOT denominated and if ever the people of God attained and manifested the full expression of God it would blow their Sunday-go-meeting out of existence along with their denomination setting the people of God free to do the work of the ministry and the old order of Aaronic priesthood and the working of such would be replaced by the priesthood of all believers as the Community of the Redeemed in their daily living expressed the life of Christ.

If every believer operated in the Priesthood as God intended, stepped into their position in Christ as operating in the five-fold-ministry, His Body would mature and become the royal Priesthood, and would be the expression of God in the earth. They wouldn’t express a denomination. They wouldn't express segregation. They wouldn’t express denominated doctrines. They wouldn’t argue and dispute over religious fables. But we’d come together and flow in the Spirit of God so He could accomplish the work of Christ through them and the grace, mercy and love of God would fill the earth as He expresses Himself through His Community of the Redeemed.

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