The Eternal Purpose of God.

 The book of Ephesians talks about the eternal purpose of God  and His plan for humanity, which I believe is not fully understood by the religious world. The concept of the Gospel (the means which God instituted to accomplish His plan for humanity) within the institutional church is to plunder hell to populate heaven by fear-mongering people about the torment and suffering in hell forever if people do not accept God's offer of salvation. This is NOT the eternal purpose of God!

The eternal purpose of God is far beyond those misinterpreted theological concepts. The eternal purpose of God is that man would live from the Tree of Life...not from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and the out-flowing of God’s life within him giving full expression of God to the Community of Humanity. 

Paul mentions several times in the Book of Ephesians, especially in chapter 3, the “mystery” of the gospel. We all know that if something is a mystery, it is sometimes not that easy to figure out. The Gospel is a deep and hidden mystery, especially from religious minded people who have been trained all of their lives to discern the difference between good and evil...where the good go to heaven and the evil hell.

  But what the "do gooders" fail to understand is that good and evil come from the same source! In fact, people can practice evil and call it good, thinking it is good and is believed by a lot of people to be good.  Some people are blind to the fact that some of the good they think they do is in reality the doing of evil. The truth is that people can be very good, and still not not be connected to God's life within.    

The Bible teaches, just as sin entered into the world by one man, and through that sin death passed to all men...what passed to all men was that consciousness that Adam took into him from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 

Before God’s people can ever grasp fully His eternal purpose that He wants to bring the Community of Humanity through them, they have to understand His heart, because if you don’t understand the heart of God, and you do become filled with His authority and His power, you will use it to judge, feel spiritual elite, and even condemn people. God is the only rightful and righteous judge. 

It was no surprise to God that His creation was going to fall. Every person born after Adam is separated, in their consciousness and their awareness, from God's life in their spirit, leaving them with nothing but the ability to choose between what they think is good and evil. Therefore some people seem to be very good, and other people seem to be very evil as judged by religious people. People looking through their discernment eyes of good and evil, can see that there are good people and evil people, and they assume that all the evil people need God, but the good people are pretty much OK. However the fact is, every man that is born is born in need of spiritual enlightenment. He is alienated and separated in his consciousness from the life of God that is in his spirit. Therefore, is left only with a knowledge of what he thinks is good or evil, needing to be reconnected to the the life of God.

John 1:9 says that Jesus was “the true light that lights every man that comes into the world.” Proverbs calls the light of man, the spirit, “the candle of the Lord.” So every man that comes into this world has a spirit, has hidden deeply in his being that candle, that spirit from the Lord which needs to be ignited. 

The Community of the Redeemed, because of the Gospel of Grace, should be expressing the life of God in their daily living so people in the Community of Humanity will see the truth about God and His Gospel and repent (change their heart and mind) as to Christ, His salvation and turn to God's ways instead of the way of the world and the way of religion. Religion, wrongly, takes God-conscious people and begins to teach them how to live according to the Bible, to choose the good over the evil, by doing that they are doing the same thing that Adam did in the very beginning. Even within ourselves we try to choose the good over the evil, rather than learning how to contact and live by the Holy Spirit of God that has been placed within us. 

We have many seemingly good people in the religious institutional churches but, are they manifesting the life and the character of God to people who are cut off from His Spirit? We have many good people. And most of them think that because they are good, they are OK, and they are always trying to convince the one who is evil to change his ways so that God can help him...not realizing that good and evil are from the same tree. We need the light of God to illuminate our spirit for us to understand this! 

Whether I appear to be very good, or whether I appear to be very evil, my goodness or evilness is from the same source...The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil...and the life from that tree is cut off from the life of God that comes from "The Tree of Life".

We need to change our diet by changing which tree we eat from.


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