Endtime Religious Rehortic.

There are a lot of people in the religious world who are saying that the events in the Middle East, the ISIS terrorist activities, Obama and his administration, chip implant in humans, etc. is a fulfilling of the book of Revelation because of their perceived religious interpretation of it.  

Some of the past failed end time prophecy's that I came across on the Internet are:

1997-APR-10: Dan Millar, of Surrey, BC, Canada and Bob Wadsworth of the Biblical Astronomy newsletter are two religious researchers. They are following the age-old tradition of looking for signs in the heavens for the arrival of the Antichrist, return of Christ, etc. Ancient prophecies told of heavenly events and even a cross in the sky in advance of momentous developments. Millar and Wadsworth have predicted the arrival of the Antichrist on APR-10. Dan suggested that we watch news from the Vatican and from Jerusalem on that day, because he expects some sort of coup by the Antichrist. He is expected to come to power in the Vatican as Pope Peter II.

1997-OCT-20 A Jewish group, called the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement were expected to attempt to place the cornerstone of a new temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This is a small piece of real estate that is the most sacred spot in the world to Jews, and one of the most sacred to Muslims. The Rapture Ready home page has predicted that the "Tribulation" would be triggered by that event. Previous attempts had failed either because of riots, or police action. There was one report that they were going to try to airlift the stone by helicopter this time. On OCT-20, several thousand police officers were deployed throughout Jerusalem; they successfully prevented access to the Temple Mount.

    1997-DEC-31: The 1997-JUL-29 issue of the Weekly World News reported that the biggest end of the world scare since the Cuban missile crisis was circulating through Washington. President Clinton called a secret meeting with leading Bible scholars for the week of JUL-27. A confidential Pentagon memo sparked the scare; it predicts a worldwide cataclysm of unprecedented proportions. Earthquake activity is on a rise and will peak at year-end; the earth's crust is shifting ominously.

    1999-AUG-11: According to the 1997-MAY-27 issue of Sun Magazine, the Anti-Christ is alive today and living in the Middle East. On AUG-11, the time of an eclipse of the sun, he will make himself known to the world. "It will be the ultimate war." Many will perish, and their souls will travel to Heaven or Hell, depending upon which side that they supported during the conflict.

    1999-DEC-19: Sun Magazine listed a prediction of "Bible expert" Dotson Meade. He predicts that "something will happen that brings about the war which will end the world as we know it... There will be a vicious cycle of storms and earthquakes that lead to the final battle the world has awaited." This date was derived from information in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    2000-DEC-25: According to the 1997-JUN-24 issue of Sun Magazine Pope John XXIII predicted in 1962 that Christ would appear in the sky over New York City. He will announce the creation of a 1000-year paradise, to be proceeded by six months of great sorrow.

    2001-JAN-31: Sun Magazine reported in its 1997-OCT-14 issue that Noah's Ark has been discovered intact in undamaged form on a slope near Mount Ararat in Turkey. Inside were a group of 6 copper-gold-silver scrolls, each 12" square. Scroll 2 reveals that the sun will superheat the earth, melting both polar ice caps, and creating a world-wide flood. Scroll 3 reveals that Doomsday is set for 2001-JAN-31. Good people who repent of their sins will be saved; cruel tyrants will be cast into the burning fires of Hell.

    2001 Jack Van Impe Ministries sponsors the largest Evangelical Christian program devoted to end-time prophecy. In his home page, he discusses his book "On the Edge of Eternity" in which he predicts that the year 2001 will "usher in international chaos such as we've never seen in our history." He predicts that in 2001, and the years following, the world will experience "drought, war, malaria, and hunger afflicting entire populations throughout the [African] continent...By the year 2001, there will be global chaos." Islam will become much larger than Christianity. (That would take a sudden growth spurt; Islam is currently followed by 19% of the world's population vs 33% for Christianity). A one-world church will emerge; it will be "controlled by demonic hosts." Temple rituals (presumably including animal sacrifice) will resume in Israel.

    Late 2004: Arnie Stanton noted on 1997-SEP-16 that that evening was the fourth Jewish festival since 1996-APR-3 on which a lunar eclipse occurred. (7) He quotes Luke 21:25-26 which mentions "signs in the sun, in the moon and in the stars and on the earth distress of nations" He believes that "these recent lunar eclipses are the last known astronomical signs that will precede a 7 year (360 day/year) countdown to Armageddon/Christ's return to the Earth." He expects that Christ's return will occur within a few months of 2004-SEP-29 when Asteroid Toutatis will make a very close approach to the Earth - perhaps even a collision!

Jan. 1, 2000
For most folks, it’s a touch difficult to recall the ample amount of cataclysmic scenarios forecasted by a motley crew of religious leaders, psychics and esoteric cults — Edgar Cayce, Sun Myung Moon, Ed Dobson and noted Teletubby hater Jerry Falwell, just to name a few — for Jan. 1, 2000, or the year 2000 in general. After all, you were probably too busy bugging out over a software bug known as the Y2K bug. It was widely believed that the Y2K problem, a massive glitch resulting from computers incorrectly shifting from 1999 to 2000, could potentially usher in the end of modern civilization when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve. In anticipation of any sort of issues, governments across the globe launched exhaustive — and expensive — initiatives to correct the problem. Awareness campaigns geared to stamp out widespread panic were also launched although many folks had already begun preparations for a tech meltdown- cum-apocalypse. Needless to say, a fair amount of people spent Dec. 31,1999, huddled in their basements with crank radios and an endless supply of granola bars instead of out on the streets guzzling celebratory champagne.

In the end, some minor data-related problems did occur across the globe on Jan. 1, but the chaos-in-the-streets man made doomsday scenario obviously didn’t play out. Ready for a trip down a paranoia-tinged memory lane? Please, take a gander at this 5-part infomercial from 1999 dubbed “How To Prepare Your Family for Y2K.”

doomsday billboard May 21, 2011May 21, 2011
Where to even begin with poor old Harold Camping, Evangelical Christian radio personality, Biblical number cruncher and professional foot-in-mouther? It makes sense to start with May 21, 2011, a date that by Camping’s widely publicized estimates would usher in the delightful double-header of both the Rapture and Judgment Day. Eighty-nine-year-old Camping was pretty damned certain — “beyond the shadow of a doubt” — that on that day, Jesus would return to Earth and a small chunk of the world’s population would ascend to heaven. As for everyone else (i.e. the non-righteous), they’d be stuck on Earth and left to deal with catastrophic earthquakes (remember, they were supposed to start at 6 p.m. sharp?) fire, brimstone and all that jazz for a total of five months until Oct. 21 when the world officially came to an end.

Two days later in a press appearance, Camping acknowledged that he had muffed up and tweaked his prophesy: Although a “spiritual judgment” did indeed occur on May 21, Oct. 21 would be the date that the Rapture and the end of the world would occur — no five-month hell on earth waiting period this time around. Whoops, my bad! Camping, who suffered a stroke in June 2011, has since retired from the businesses of rescheduling end times predictions. Previous to his freakout-inducing 2011 forecasts, he had predicted that the Rapture would occur on three different dates in September/October of 1994 and on March 31, 1995.

  2014: John Hagee's "Blood Moons" fear-mongering book raked in big dollars for him.

This type of religious fear-mongering rhetoric has been going on for hundreds of years regarding world crisis of the past and when the crisis has passed the rhetoric subsides and passes, only to surface at the next perceived world crisis.

The book of Revelation is not a revelation of world events...It is not a revelation of ISIS terror...it is not a revelation of television news stations...it is not a revelation of blood moons, or planetary lineups...and it is not a revelation for religious end-time books to be written and sold, it is not a revelation for preachers to capitalize on fear-mongering preaching, it is not a revelation of what the devil is doing or going to do, it is not a revelation of the revealing of an antichrist.

 The book of REVELATION is the REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST! Did you get that...It is a REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST!

Revelation is an unveiling...it unveils the person and the work of Jesus Christ. The book reveals the completeness of the finished work of Christ's cross and resurrection. This book brings spiritual revelation and information to believers who are bound in religious deception's legalism and view the book of Revelation as a SCARY book of GLOOM, DOOM, DISPAIR and AGONY from which very few survive.

Revelation is a book that shows believers the finished work of Jesus Christ and who they are in Christ, it needs to be studied from that vantage-point. The doom and gloom fear-mongering that the fear-monger's mongering has accompanied the past teachings of the book of Revelation will fade away as the reader ceases from his own labors of trying to fit its symbolic language into world events and the fear of its unfolding, and enters into God's rest by trusting that He is able to make happen what He has purposed for mankind. As a result we will mature in grace and truth.

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