"Find a Good Bible Believing Church"

Many have heard the advice of the famous media Pa-Stars after surmising that someone responded to their invitation to repeat the sinner's pray after them..."find a good Bible believing church to attend." Multitudes have found a thing called church...a name-tagged-denominated-building...many have found religion...many have found a denomination...many are following religious tradition and man-made-doctrine...there are many who listen to and believe denominated preachers and denominated doctrine...there are many hearing the voice of religion...BUT, there are few who are basking in the Love and Grace of God, there are few that have heard the true Gospel...there are  few who live the Christ life...there are  few that hear the voice of the Spirit of Truth...there are few that move and live and have their being in God the Father.

Most people never truly find their calling and place in God's Community of the Redeemed in the denominated religious church world. The people conform to the structures and programs of the denominations attended and never experience real spiritual maturity or move in revelational understanding of the scripture. In finding a "Bible believing church" they have subjected themselves to a slow and painful spiritual death.

It is much more accepted as a believer to do a religious routine and let a the denominated-seminarian-professional sermonize and denominate people rather than personal study and individually listening to and moving in the Spirit of Truth.

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