God LOVES You. Part 1

Even though you may not know God in the intimate relational way He desires, He knows you intimately. He knows the very thoughts you think and the actions you take before you take them, and even though your thoughts and actions may be wrong...He is not upset by them. He knows all your ways... good and bad and He is still OK with you.  He even knows the number of hairs on your head. You were made in His image to reflect His likeness, though you may not be a good reflection of Him yet, He is not angry with you. You are His offspring, He knew you before you were conceived. He chose you before the creation of the universe. You were not a mistake, please get that...you as you are...is not a mistake! God determined when and where you would be born. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. He formed you in your mother's womb and brought you forth the day you were born and He LOVES you.

God your loving Father has been misrepresented, misunderstood, misdiagnosed, misquoted, misapplied, and lied about by people who claim they know Him because of religious obligations and conformance by complying to the religious do's and don'ts.. Religionists know about God in their mind knower, but fail to realize they don't KNOW the heart of God in their heart knower. He is not a distant Deity lurking in the shadows to catch you in some wrong so He can whup you with a big anger stick as punishment to beat you in line.

God is the essence of love and goodness. He doesn't love you because you obey all the ordinances of religion, or because you attend what people call “church” for a couple of hours on a Sunday. He loves you simply because you are His child and He is your loving Father. You can't do anything to make God love you any less neither can you do anything to make Him love you any more. His love for you is not based on whether you love Him or not. His love for you is entirely His doing and is unchangeable.

God sent Jesus because of His great love for you so you could, if you so desire, have a relationship with Him that would allow Him to relate to you intimately. God has dealt with the sin factor through Jesus and sin is no longer an issue with Him, your sin past, present and future is cast into the sea of His forgetfulness with a "No Fishing Sign" erected. If you will turn to Him, live in His Grace as His loved child, sin will fall from you as the rain falls from the sky and you will not have to strive to overcome sin because His GRACE gives you the power to overcome it and you will lovingly love the across your path people you meet whether they are saint or sinner.

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