In response to a question that I have been asked several times, have responded to several times, yet I still get asked; "Why do you talk about religion the way you do and what do you hope to achieve by it?"

I believe that our loving God is misunderstood, misaligned and misrepresented by the "Christian Religion" and presented as a revengeful, wrathful, hateful, grudge-holding retributive Chief Cop in the sky with a belly-stick waiting to pounce on people who do wrong by sending catastrophic natural disasters, infecting people with diseases, and will sentence the vast majority of His crowning glory of creation (people) to everlasting punishment in the torture-chambers of hell for eternity. Is this religious diabolical sadistic and warped view of our loving God true? I believe, NO!

That is why people need to question this warped view of our loving God. The Bible says that GOD IS LOVE. How the religious world can promote such a warped view of the Father heart of God, accusing Him of caring out the worst terrorist acts that could ever be imagined and say it is because of His justices and holiness He carries out the act is preposterous and devil inspired. The vilest human on earth would not even consider doing such a diabolical horrendous act against the children they had a hand in creating no matter what their offspring had done. My goal is to reveal the Father heart of God, as Jesus, the express image of His Father God, who is LOVE, to those who may read my blog posts by helping people to realize that the Religious Gospel that is responsible for spreading such a damning gospel is NOT the Gospel of Grace that Jesus revealed to Paul as part of the NEW COVENANT living.

The great desire of the Father heart of God is to deliver His people from guilt and condemnation of sin and the bondage of religion. Once you understand the Father's heart you can go to Him and experience His love and forgiveness and not the condemnation of religion. Once you get rid of the guilt and condemnation, you can then, regardless of your action, go to Him every day and learn to contact Him in Spirit, and that daily contact will then change your action without any shame and guilt.

Our relationship with God was never intended to be based on man's ability or man's doing, but on God's ability to fill us with Himself, which then enables us to live the Christ life. Through fellowship with our Father, our character is transformed because of the finished work of Christ on the cross and we begin to manifest the fruit of the Spirit by Him doing His works through us.

God's people need to understand and expand their awareness of God's presence within them, and by the grace of God to help all men see the revelation of the mystery of the gospel, which is God manifested in the flesh. That is, that Christ would be magnified in our bodies, that He would grow in us and fill us with His Spirit so that it is "No longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me".

I believe God's desire is to fill the earth with His glory as the waters cover the sea. I don't believe this can be done in or through the BUSINESS of religion. I believe this can only be accomplished by the Grace of God, through His Spirit living within His people raising them above the law of sin and death and the religious gospel. Only God can live the holy, consecrated and dedicated life that every spiritually hungry person desires. Only as we learn to apply the principles of the Cross (death and resurrection) in a practical way in our daily living, will we find the abundant life that Jesus promised us becoming more of a reality flowing within us,  and without us.

My prayer is that God's people will awake from their religious stupor and launch into a quest for TRUE GODLY SPIRITUALITY...not to become EXTRA ORDINARY people, but to be ORDINARY people who allows God to do EXTRA ORDINARY things through them! 


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