Is What Is Accpeted As Religious Truth...Bible Truth?

Religious beliefs that people who claim to be Bible believers believe, but not found in the Bible;

Accept Christ as personal Savior by saying the sinner's prayer!

ALTAR CALL at the end of a sermon!

Pastor as an office or a formal title...whether it be senior, associate, assistant or youth!

Sunday-event-driven-meeting called a service!

Church as being a denominated denomination!

Denominated doctrines!

Segregated denominated buildings for assembling as Christ Body!

Tithing 10% of one's income!

Begging for money to spread the Gospel!

Begging for money to feed the plush lifestyles of the rich and famous PaStars.

Membership signing to belong to a denomination!

Church Boards!

Clergy and Laity distinction!

Worship Leaders!

Elders submitting to a pastor as a form of church government!

The Church buying property or having building programs.

Positions of overseer-ship, Superintendents, Bishops. Popes, Doctor of Divinity etc,! 

Voting in a pastor!

Hierarchy structured system!

Pulpit preaching by a seminarian professional!

Believers celebrating Christmas, Easter, Halloween!

Song Service!

Church Choir!

Sunday School!

A denominated building referred to as the Storehouse!

Repeat after in leading  someone in the sinner's prayer!

God helps those who help themselves!

The Rapture!

The Bible as being infallible, inerrant and inspired!

The Bible as the Living Word of God!

The Bible as the guide to "Christian" living!

The Bible used as a warfare manual!

In actual fact there WAS NO BIBLE!

Hell as being a place of eternal punishment in a burning everlasting fire!

Religion has done a suburb job at rationalizing, justifying, and explaining religious practices that are contrary to God's written word and have deceived many into believing their beliefs and practices are truth.

Do NOT accept any "puffed up" human reasoning or explanation for continuing in an unscriptural religious practice.   "That in us ye might learn not to go beyond the things which are written; that no one of you be puffed up for the one against the other." 

Truth is not tradition, not your priest, not your pastor, not the guy on TBN or the Miracle Channel, not me,  nor is it the blind religious acceptance of the bible. You are capable of hearing from God for yourself without me or anyone else trying to convert you to their way of thinking.  People can teach the scriptures but only God gives revelation and understanding.  The Lord is a much better instructor than me or anyone wearing an ecclesiastical title.

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