The religious institutional system is obsessed with tradition, rules, regulations, denominated denominations, segregated denominated building assembling, denominated man-made doctrine, denominated seminaries, denominated theologians, denominated Bible scholars, denominated end time prophesies,  prosperity, and celebrity status Pa-Stars. This ungodly infatuation is promoted as godly ideals and God sanctioned, when these ideals are far from being godly and the way these ideals are portrayed is winsome-less and makes the Community of the Redeemed spiritual anemic and pathetic.

Some people respond with their biases as truth without seeking to know the truth of which they speak to. They talk about sense when what they talk about is nonsense. They mouth off spouting judgement and condemnation myths, half truths, and on times outright lies. They spew judgements on people based on their misunderstanding of Bible misinterpretation and yet they think they are doing the work of God in acting like God-Squad-Cops, ever ready to fight for their perceived religious tradition and their perceived bible interpretations. All this is done in the name of God and thought to honor God, not realizing it dishonors Him.

All of us...including denominated religionists...would be wise to do a self-analysis on how  opinionated we have become, because we are highly opinionated does not mean that our opinions are truth. I wonder...if we taught more about what we write before we wrote or spoke what we think, would what we speak or write be what we spoke or wrote. Would our speaking and writing be more graceful and loving and more beneficial to the Community of Humanity regarding the Kingdom of God?


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