What will Bring Unity of God's People?

Religion has established a denominational belief-based unity that has resulted in a greater division of Christ's Body by the corralling of like minded sheep into different denominated-segregated-pens teaching them specific denominated-doctrines. This lends to more disunity of the people of God, which is in direct opposition to the will of God revealed in the prayer of unification by Jesus Himself. 

Unity of God's people will never happen by denominated seminarians out-arguing other denominated seminarians that brings one's denominated doctrinal preferences as well as one's denominated denomination to a place of prominence and acceptance by the power of human reasoning...that serves only to cause greater division and segregation.

I wonder...if as believers we were to keep our unifying as the "Body of Christ" free from religious opinions, religious bias and man reasoned bible interpretations, would we with the enablement of the Spirit of Truth come into "the unity of the Faith" that Jesus prayed would be the experience of His followers? Would the Spirit corporately bring agreement of what is truth to our hearts and minds?

If this happened we would find ourselves...as Peter did...in unity and fellowship with people we thought were unclean and to be avoided and destroy the denominated-segregation-pens (churches) of denominational differences.

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