Where Are You Sitting?

Paul tells us that "we are seated in heavenly places with Christ," and that "we have been blessed with all spiritual blessings."

Can we honestly say that we as believers we are experiencing the reality of being seated in heavenly places?

If we were experiencing that truth of the Gospel in our lives, experiencing all the blessings of God and being seated with Him in heavenly places...would His people be as powerless as they are? Would religious institutions calling themselves the "Church"  be as anemic and ineffective as they are?

As unacceptable as this is going to be to the majority of religionist...in most cases the very thing that people turn to and trust in as the means to the fulfillment of all of God's blessings and our seating in heavenly places with Him...is the very thing that is preventing the  fulfillment of such...What is it? Man-made RELIGION! Why?

Paul said that we have been blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. He said we have been seated with Christ in heavenly places. Why do we not experience such seating? Do you think if we were experiencing all of the blessings of God, if believers were seated in heavenly places with Christ would the Church be in the sorry state it is in today? If denominations aren't experiencing a seated position with Christ in heavenly places what is the reason? 

May I be so bold as to offer a possible answer? Is it because the spiritual eyes of the religionists are blinded by religious tradition that has dulled the spiritual ears, and hardened the spiritual heart making them practically void of spiritual understanding? Have we become so detached from the life of Christ within us and so attached to the religious life without us to the degree that we don’t even know where "heavenly places" are? 

We think that up there somewhere where in the great beyond is where God dwells is a place where we are seated with God. We fail to realize that God dwells in his people here on earth. We are totally unaware that being seated in  heavenly places is  having a conscious awareness of the reality of being one with God and experiencing that reality in this earth.

Religion has made us so devil-conscious, body-conscious and soul conscious, we have lost God-consciousness thus, are dead to Spirit-consciousness unable to hear the voice of Truth because religious consciousness is our focus.

We need to "renew" our mind, not religiously but Spiritually!

That means that when our mind is renewed and clean by the removal of religious hog-wash, and when our eyes become open to the reality of the revelation that Paul regarding the Gospel of Grace, we will begin to walk in a conscious awareness and reality of who we are in Christ and the fact of Christ living in us. And we won’t have to try to do it by keeping the Mosaic Law or religious performances. 

However, for that to happen we have to begin to have our minds changed, because the God that has been presented to us in Christianity has been presented in a way that has given us a false understanding of who He is, what He is doing and especially as to what He has done! Now, that is nothing new, because Jesus had to fight that same battle during His earth days. He said, "It has been written in your very own law, but I say to you . . . . I can hear the Bible idolaters, "Glenn you are a false prophet, I go by the Bible; if the Bible says it, I believe it  and that settles it! 

Well...the law says ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,’ so if you kill someone, do you believe that someone should likewise kill you? Jesus said, "It has been written. It is in your very own scripture." But, does because it is written in scripture settle the issue? Not according to Jesus...Jesus said": "It has been written, but I say to you, (here comes the the change in what has been written, listen with your spiritual ears) love your enemies; do good to them who despite-fully use you.“ 

Isn't it time that we change...if we don't we will never experience being seated in heavenly places with Christ!

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