Who will the Grace-Butters allow into heaven?


Mr. Grace-Butter Gatekeeper.

For people who believe the Bible is inspired, infallible, error-less and for the most part to be interpreted literally, man-made religion with its denominated doctrines and religious-influenced interpretations reigns supreme as the means to which people relate to God.

Let's assume that the God that religion has invented is correct and really has the following characteristics.

The mad God.
The God to fear.
The Santa Clause God.
The celebrity God.
The money grabbing God.
The Jealous God.
The God who takes offense.
The hating God.
The God of Judgement.
The condemning God.
The disappointed God.
The denominated God.
The grudge holding God.
The loveless God.
The uncaring God.
The compassion-less God.
The needing help God.
The performance demanding God.
The hell fire and brimstone God.

Although we could go on, let's stop there.

Assume that we are in the judgement to determine who gets to enter into heaven or not. This religious God decides to install "Mr Grace-Butter" as the Gatekeeper.

Grace-Butters believe a gospel where you are saved by grace and not of works...BUT, you prove and maintain the saved position by living up to the standard of the Law and religious performance. If you fail to do the do's and not do the don'ts of the standards set and don't repent you are disqualified as a child of God and heaven won't be your home.

Mr. Grace-Butter Gatekeeper...some of the ones who stands before you hoping to gain access to heaven has scummed to one or more of the sins listed below after they have said the sinner's prayer and are born again but did not get to repent as you define repentance. Others did not because the either could not repent because they knew not of such a thing.

Hypocrites...The Unforgiving...Homosexuals...Fornicators...The Wicked...The Covetous...The Malicious...The Envious...Murderers...The Deceitful...Backbiters...Haters of God...The De-spiteful...The Proud...Boasters...Inventors of evil...Disobedient to parents...Covenant breakers...The Unmerciful...The Implacable...The Unrighteous...Idolaters...Adulterers...The Effeminate...Thieves...Drunkards...Reviler...Extortioners...The Fearful...The Unbelieving...The Abominable...Whore-mongers...Sorcerers...All liars...People who don't in Bible infallibility and without error but are a Jesus follower...People who don't go to "church" on Sundays...People who don't believe in an eternal torture chamber of hell...People who didn't  believe in a future 7 year tribulation period...people who did not believe in a flesh and blood antichrist...People who did not believe that the Jewish people were God's prophetic time clock...Infants who die without being born again...teenagers who die before they repented...the billions who have died and never heard the name of Jesus...the billions who have died and never knew there was a gospel, let alone hearing it...the mentally challenged who cannot grasp the gospel... again we could go on and on.

So Mr. Gate-Butter Gatekeeper...who will make it into heaven based on the characteristic of the religions God stated at the beginning of the article and your belief that narrow is the road the leads to heaven and few there be that travel it but, broad is the road the leads to hell and many there be that travel it?

Maybe instead of singing:

Heaven is a Wonderful place
Filled with Glory and Grace
I am going to see my Savior's face
Heaven is a wonderful Place

We should have been singing;

Heaven is a lonely place
Because of grace-plus-works, people could not keep pace

I won't see my Savior's face because of hyper-grace
Heaven has a lot of empty space, rendering it a lonely place


Hell is a popular place

Filled with people of Hyper-Grace
They thought they were going to see their savior's face
Instead they met the devil face to face

What do you think...Do I muse too much?


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