Are we Truly Thinkers?

Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be like wool. (Isaiah 1:18)

God created people with the ability to reason and think for themselves. For believers to forfeit that ability and allow denominational seminarians programmed by denominational theology to do their thinking for them regarding God, Jesus, Church and His plan for the community of humanity is irresponsible and idiotic.

One of God's greatest gift's to man is his ability to reason and think for himself. To release our thinking ability to a religious denominated leader, is an affront to God. Why? 

Because the call to "come and reason together" is to YOU. 

Instead of reasoning with God for ourselves and allowing Him to formulate our thinking about spiritual matters, we have become narrow-minded reasoners subjected to the narrow-mindedness thinking of the philosophical and spiritual assumptions of the imprisoned denominated gurus because we have released our God given thinking ability over to religious fables of the religious system.

People who can't think because of some brain dysfunction are excusable for not thinking for themselves, and need to be mentored by people who think for themselves and whose thinking about God is influenced by their reasoning with God.

People who won't think for themselves by allowing some religious leader to do their thinking for them, are subjected to the idiocy of the idiotic and becomes the fool of the guru while taking delight in the religious saying they are "fools for God" while scripture states that God "has no pleasure in fools."

People who do not think for themselves are slaves of the people they allow to do their thinking for them by being a willing captive to somebody else's viewpoint and interpretation of spiritual things and is as much a prisoner as any man behind steel bars.

Those who are in bondage of enslavement to the philosophies of men are deceive into believing they think for themselves when in fact, they only think, they think for themselves.

How do you know you are a thinker and not deceived into thinking you are a thinker?

Thinkers and those who think they are thinkers both ask questions. An authentic thinker however, will not arbitrarily accept the guru's answers, nor does he commit the guru's philosophies to memory and mouth them to other people as if they we a result of his reasoning with God.

Rather, he asks his own questions, seeks God for answers and seeks the witness of the Spirit of Christ within him to confirm with his spirit that his reasoning conclusion is ordained of God.

People who let other people do their thinking for them...are a people robbed and plundered; they are all of them snared in holes and hidden in houses of bondage. They have become a prey, with no one to deliver them, a spoil, with no one to say, Restore them! (Isaiah 42:2)

I say to you who are imprisoned by the bars of religious Grace's Freedom you are set FREE if you want to BE and RESTORATION as a THINKER who REASONS with God is YOURS!          


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