Dog-Eat-Dog World.

Instead of understanding and accepting man-made religious doctrines as wrong some religionists slip right into a defense mode defending man-made doctrine by trying to justify it. 

Take the man-made doctrine of Hate that causes "Christians" to do diabolical evil to other people...there is no stronger defense portrayed by the "Christian Militant" then defending their religious beliefs and actions. Of all the evil that is done in the world...none is as evil as the evil done by religion in the name of God!

According to Galatians chapter 5 hatred is a sinful work of the is not of God godly!

“Hatred” of people is a work of the flesh, it is against the character of God. Hatred is a flehly atribute that is somewhat expected in the unregenerate or “carnal Christians”, but the scripture teaches that hatred of people is not acceptable with God. God wants believers to be “spiritually minded.” God's love is an unconditional love, which is not dependent upon how people live or treat us. Few people understand the unlimited love of God. If God didn't unconditionally love people including sinning sinners, then all humanity is in a dire state headed for destruction.

It's a dog-eat-dog world with the hungriest dog out there being religiono wants to swallow as many people they can. We see much hatred being spread in some religious people of the world including the christian religion. The people of the world are starving for a demonstration of the love of God they hear about but seldom see. Very few people have eperienced the fullness of the Love of God, therefore are unable to show the love of God to the people of the world..

As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are NOT supposed to hate anyone, including the homosexual sinning sinner or the homosexual sinning saint that are ot he peole the religionists referr to has "hyper gracers" that the devouring dog of religion whats to chew up and spit out into the fire of hell flame!


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