Failing the Litmus Test.

 It seems to me that when it comes to authority in segregated denominated churches, the preservation of denominated doctrinal litmus testing supersedes the authority and application of Jesus' teaching. If you fit in with the primary denominational agenda and correctly align with the rigidly defined traditions of religious orthodoxy, you are considered to be a member in good standing and a good Christian. The actual teachings of Jesus and their application is frequently overlooked and in far to many cases outright rejected especially if there is  threat to what is perceived to be denominated  purity.

The church  institution is out for the church institution...not for the spiritual maturity or  spiritual well being of the person, especially if that person fails the denominated doctrinal litmus test. It is abundantly clear in denominated religion that  the fight for denominational preservation of power superseded the teachings of the indwelling Spirit of Truth and Grace thus, denomination preservation supersedes the authority of Christ and denominational idolization is idolized and there are many people worshiping the idol.

Love is the LITMUS test that you are of Christ...NOT a denominated doctrinal litmus test!

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