ISIS Terror.

You don't have to listen to religious TV programs or search the internet very long before you will find a lot of people worndering and and/or claiming that ISIS is the big player that fosters the fuel for the end time fear-mongers to draw the people of the world into an end time apocalypse fantasy.

ISIS is striking fear in the end time fear-mongers. Some claim that ISIS is the wrath of Satan on "Christians" and that will usher in the wrath of God on humanity. Is it a mistake to view ISIS as a prime mover in end time projections and that they are hastening the moment to bring into fruition the final battle and the apocalyptic end time event of the rapture and the end of the world, as the dooms day end of the world fear-mongers rant and rave about?

With the constant upheaval always threatening stability in the Middle East, many religionists are flooding the internet and Facebook speculating the rapture event, the rise of the Antichrist and the outpouring of the wrath of God on humanity and projecting the end of the world is around the next bend.

The prophetic guns of the gloom and doomers are once again being loaded with bogus fear-mongering ammunition of impending doom because of world upheavals, planetary events (blood moons), and misinterpreted Bible verses and predicting that the wrath of God is about to be unleashed upon humanity and that the end of the world is near causing people undue fear as to what tomorrow may bring.

I've got news for you...GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE and He is NOT going around in circles ringing His hands and shaking His head in utter despair with a worry hat on because of what ISIS is doing...Obama is doing or not doing...what is happening in the country of Israel or any other country for that matter. 

Humanity has run-a-muck and much of the run-a-mucken is religious run-a-mucken!

This fear-mongering action has been the  MODUS OPERANDI of the religious doom and gloomers regarding wonderous planetary happenings, negative world events and calamities down throughout history. One day they are hoping they will get it right and be able to say..."see I told you so". The Antichrist spirit is already sitting on the throne in "temples" "made with hands" keeping deluded people under the delusion of a rebuilt temple and restored sacrifices over which they want a literal flesh-and blood Antichrist to oversee!

Once again, as in the past...when the smoke rises from the doom and gloomer's smoke filled gun barrels and things are back to being normal in the Middle East, (at least as normal as it gets in the Middle East)...the rebuilding of the temple is again put on the back burner until something else sets the religionists in a flutter...ISIS has gone the way of all terrorist before them and fades into the sunset...Obama haters have failed in their prediction of him being the Antichrist or even the "forerunner" of the Antichrist...the USA has not fallen to ISIS because of the judgement of God against it, as is predicted by the religious gloom and doomers...and once again the doom and gloomers will become silent and slink away with their heads hung low and their tails between their legs in shame for aspiring to be God's spokesperson of impending doom and wait for the next negative world event, when they will again rise in their religious stupor and fight for God... Then they will rise again, fill up their worry guns, and demonstrate they have no trust in God to be able to carry out His plan and purpose for the Community of Humanity. I have news for them... God will STILL be on the throne!

I find the thinking and actions of the doom and gloomers perplexing...Why don't they take comfort in the Book they deem to be infallible and error-less and claim to be the "LIVING WORD" of God? If they believe it to be, then they should act like they believe it! Listen to what the Book says: While people are saying, “We have peace and we are safe [Peace and safety/security],” they will be destroyed quickly [suddenly]. It is like pains that come quickly to a woman having a baby. Those people will not escape (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

So will ISIS terrorists bring us into an end of the world scenario? NO.

ISIS will fall the way of the terrorists before them. According to Isaiah 9:7, they will fall into disarray or be defeated by the secret workings of the kingdom of God! King Jesus will thwart the religionists vision of the end. Their fear-mongering theology will be proven to be wrong because it will fail to come to pass.

So instead of a fear-mongering mentality or an escapist mentality, it is time for the believers to pray for solutions on how to love our enemies and influence them for Christ... and to stand with Jesus as He brings light to dispel the darkness.


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