Resurrection Living Is Grace Living.

 Grace: is the power that replaces weakness, replaces our self-righteousness for the righteousness of Christ. is the joy that replaces sorrow, the hope that pushes past despair, the courage that overrides fear, the love that conquers hate, the freedom that breaks bondage, the peace that breaks anxiety, the clarity that replaces confusion, the forgiveness that eradicates condemnation, the understanding that replaces judgement, gives the stability for going through trials, the giving that replaces greed, the kindness that replaces meanness, is the love that loves the sinner, love that loves the unlovely, love that never fails, forgives what is thought to be unforgivable  is a relationship with God that replaces relationship with religion, is life that conquers death...not...not...not just on resurrection Sunday celebrations or for two hours on Sundays or event-driven-conventions but, for the living life daily.

Sunday-meeting-goers celebrate the resurrection of Christ for what happened immediately preceding and what happened on resurrection day. Is this because they are not experiencing  the reality of resurrection life in their daily living of life? Without experiencing what the resurrection means for us in the present, we fall far short of the full meaning of  what His resurrection is about! The resurrection solidifies the hope, the redemption, the salvation, the peace and the eternity of people He died for. And He is quite ABLE TO RESCUE PEOPLE HE DIED FOR!

Living the Gospel of love and grace is living the resurrected life of the resurrected Christ!

The best way to convince doubters of resurrection reality is to live resurrection life in daily living and stop relegating it just to Sunday-event-driven-meetings.

Resurrection power is for life living, and life living is not lived in denominated segregated buildings called churches for two hours on a Sunday, or controlled by people called pastors, nor orchestrated by the hierarchy  of life in segregated denominated church buildings are!


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