The God of Judgement.

Christ came in the express image of His Father to show us what His Father is like. Why? To correct the wrong perspective that the writers of scripture had of Him of being a revengeful, retributive, killing and hateful God. These were the attributes that the writers of the Old Testament saw Him as...even though Jesus revealed the Father heart of God has loving, kind, forgiving and graceful the concept that the Old Testament writers had of Him was carried over into the Post Cross Era and incorporated into the Gospel and preached as the Gospel when it is NOT.

This revengeful God syndrome of religion is propagated by some Post Cross believers in that God is a punishing people God, who destroys cities, nations and kills people by sending calamities, hurricanes, floods, typhoons, tsunamis, earthquake etc,...because of their sinning. But the worst concept of all is that God will pour out great anger and wrath and horrible tortures and judgments upon humanity as the saints bask in the sunny, peaceful resort of heaven enjoying His blessings. Then they go as far to preach that the vast majority of people God created out of His love for them will suffer torture in a towering inferno of hell fire for eternity .

Now I know that concept, but I can no longer believe it in the light of how Jesus presents His Father. Through Jesus I have seen the depths of the love of God, and I have experienced some of the heights of the love of God, and for the life of me, I cannot find a God who is so angry that He would want to pour out a vengeful wrath upon His people or punish them in the torture chambers of hell for eternity. Jesus Himself tried to destroy that concept of an angry, vengeful God. He said, "It has been written in your very own law . . ." (He did not deny the law of the Old Testament). He said, "It has been written in your very own law, ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ I know what is there BUT, I say to you, love your enemies! Do good to those who despitefully use you! I know what is written in your law. You would like me to take this prostitute and stone her".

Religionists today stone prostitutes and homosexuals with their condemning and despising slurs, and as some have said, referring to the people whom they put into what they call the "Hyper Grace Camp" that "this cancer needs to be removed from the Body of Christ". It seems that some within Christendom would like to get rid of sin in the manner of some of the other religions of the world to the point they would like to see a cleansing take place and get rid of people who don't see things their way. That is not a God concept, yet so much of the religious world has accepted it. But Jesus revealed a different concept to us! "It is written in your very own law...but you had better listen to Me. You know, you run to the Scriptures, because in them you think you have eternal life, but you won’t come to Me, because when you do, I’m going to tell you some things, and I’m going to reveal to you an understanding of God and the Father-heart of God that you’ve never had. And because it doesn’t fit with what you have been taught in the past, because it doesn’t fit with the religious law that you have received, you will reject and not understand the love of God. That is why you cannot have the Logos in itself" (John 5:39-40).

You can take the Bible and justify the most heinous, horrible crimes with it, and people have done so, thinking they have done God a service. But God is in the business of restoring humanity back to Himself. He has no thought of destroying, but of uplifting. 

Yes, there is judgment. But it is a righteous judgment that is a refining fire that restores people not torture them for eternity.!


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