Did Christ Purchase Redemption For ALL Or Just a FEW?

The scriptures state that; God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, not holding men’s trespasses against them. (2 Cor. 5:19)

That is the good news Gospel that needs to be brought to the people of the world. That is the great commission and the mission of those who know they are redeemed...letting the people of the world know that they have been redeemed. Jesus paid the price for their redemption on the cross, there is no other name under heaven whereby men can be saved, He is the way, the truth and the life. There will come a day, because of the Father heart of God and His love for the people He created, when ALL will bow before Him in worship. No one should feel as though they are not redeemable in His sight, no matter how bad or corrupt they are. We should be building on the foundation of the redemption of Jesus. 

In religion that is not happening because of not understanding His redemptive plan. No matter how many times we sin and miss the mark, we must realize God was in Christ, reconciling the people unto Himself, not holding men’s trespasses against them. Folks we have been redeemed back to God, purchased by His blood, and we belong to Him. And because we belong to Him, He will continually work on us and in us with His chastising  purifying judgement fire, until one day...hallelujah...we ALL...saint and sinner alike...will stand complete in Him, not by the works we have done, but by the work of His precious Son...ALL glory and honor goes to Him. His judgement of fire will one day purify everyone He loves and He LOVES EVERYONE!

We are not transformed by saying the "sinners prayer"...reading the Bible...going to Sunday-go-meetings...joining some denomination...praying five times a day...doing religious rituals...obeying religious rules...paying tithes and offerings...lighting candles, or by anything else we may do. Neither does the doing of it maintain our relationship with God. Our redemption is based solely on His work. If we could have possibly made it into the Kingdom by our good works and human effort, then the Cross would not have been necessary.

The people of the world needs to know that Jesus has forgiven them even though they are not walking in that forgiveness or even know they are forgiven! The price was paid. The Gospel is not about trying to get people saved. We need understand that the Blood of Jesus forgave every person. We just need to let people know of their redemption so they can repent and walk in it. We are not saved by our performance. Religious Christianity is a performance-based system. In this system, believers are not built by His redemption, but by their performance. If you are good, God will bless you, if you are bad, you go to the torture chamber of hell. How sad that the gospel of salvation for all has been reduced to a performance and if fail to perform you end up in hell. If we understand redemption, we can minister to a sinners without condemning them.

We endeavor to  get them to understand that God loves them just the way they are and that their sin was placed on Him on Calvary. Because of that, they can turn to Him and fellowship with Him and find that their life will be transformed, not by religious performance rituals, but by His Spirit arising within them. Once they realize that God is working in them, they will forsake their old way of life and begin to flow in their redemption.

My God, My God, what a revolutionary revelation it would be, if people understood the full realization of the accomplishment of His redemption!

It would cause a RELIGIOUS REVOLUTION that would result in a great harvest of souls in the kingdom of God on earth bringing the atmosphere of heaven to earth and would go a long way to being the answer to our Lord's prayer...Thy Kingdom come, they will be done on EARTH as it is in heaven! To that I say AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN!

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