Good News!

I have GOOD NEWS for you......You cannot sin a sin that is greater the God's ability or greater than God's willingness to forgive! Furthermore...Before you committed the sin God had already forgiven you of the sin. 

"How can that be" you say. On the cross...every sin that ever was committed...every sin that is being committed...every sin that will be committed...was forgiven! That means that your past, present, and future, sins are...forgiven. He dealt with the sin problem through the cross of Christ. 


It is THE problem in religion and a problem with human kind because religion has made it THE  problem. The blood of Jesus has forgiven ALL men! That does not mean of yet...ALL men are saved! Nor does it mean that because all sin is forgiven that there is no such a thing as sin...there is and sin has devastating consequences. And because all men are forgiven, it does not mean all men are, as of yet, saved.

To a lot of people the being saved means to be saved from something such as being "saved from hell".

Being saved is not so much about being saved FROM something as it is being saved TO something. It is not about being saved FROM is about being saved TO enter  and be effective in the kingdom of God on earth!

Salvation...Is NOT Escaping Hell...It IS Being Fitted To Be God's representive in His Kingdom On Earth.

“But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.”   (2 Corinthians 11:3) 

I maintain that the religious traditional view regarding salvation is not only incomplete but, is also infiltrated with corruption because the religious mind is a corrupted mind.

Salvation is more than simply escaping a torture chamber of Hell and gaining bliss in heaven.

Salvation is not so much for the afterlife as it is for living life in the here-and-now.  The cross of Christ provides instant forgiveness for all did not provide instant fulness of salvation! The fullness of salvation is a process of TRANSFORMATION by the Spirit of God. it encompasses deliverance from sin, peace with God, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in one’s life.  

Salvation is an inward change in a person’s spirit and his spiritual condition which works its way to the soul and mind of person influencing a person's living making him productive in the kingdom of God in the earth by influencing the Community of Humanity to repent, turn from their own selfish ways and the ways of religion, and acknowledge that their sins are forgiven which allows the salvation process to begin.  Man because of the finished work of Christ on the cross is born spiritually alive because he is born forgiven. The process of salvation through transformation begins the very moment a person yields to the Holy Spirit’s call. 

As believers we need a revelation by the Spirit of Truth to see the full redemption of Jesus Christ that He purchased at Calvary. The religious gospel veils the truth of redemption with a false gospel that promotes sin consciousness, hell consciousness and works consciousness that most believers have accepted as the true gospel. When we have the revelatory light of God concerning redemption, we will never be condemned by sin, fear-mongered by hell and maintaining our relationship with God through works for the areas of our lives that need transformation. 

There will come a day when deception's veils will be fully removed from our eyes and minds and we will see and understand that sin has no more control over us and we will be free from its grip. Sin consciousness of the religious gospel is what keeps many in bondage to religion. 

Even though I still sin as a believer, I am no longer afraid of sin, fear some powerful devil or fear hell because of it. I know I know that sin is a product of Adam's fall. As long as I am not fully TRANSFORMED, I will act out the Adamic nature on times. However I no longer fear or get stressed out by by the threat of hell, I just continue to mature in God and know that as I seek Him, as I touch Him, He will flow into those areas of my failings and bring transformation. 

When you no longer fear sin, it will lose its power over you.

The fact of the matter is...that no matter how good we think we are, how bible knowledgeable we claim to be, how much we believe that our doctrines, traditions and rituals are right, no matter what office or position we think God has called us to, no matter how much we pray, no matter how good we preach and no matter the accolades of men...none of us are fully TRANSFORMED yet!

There will be times when our fleshly nature will get the best of us. There are still times when we say no to the prompting of the Spirit. If we fail to understand that, we will always be condemned. Live in the GOOD NEWS that the penalty for our sin was fully paid at Calvary. That is why Jesus died and that offering was for ALL of humanity. He died so that we could find our way back to God according to His plan and purpose in His timing. 

God will bring you into the fullness of salvation which is His plan for your life

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