Is the Bible a Dangerous Book?

Yes...when misused, misunderstood, misinterpreted and abused!

The belief that the English translations of the Bible, translated by fallible humans from languages where the letters themselves have multiple meanings, let alone the words and phrases the letters make having multiple meanings, is infallible and without error is...LUDICROUS!

To believe that the Bible is more trustworthy than the Spirit of Truth within you is even more LUDICROUS, Bible idolatry, and a denial that God is our source of truth.

Don’t be afraid to test, challenge, question, study, explore, or even ABANDON everything you’ve believed solely because some seminarian trained professional has told you “this is how it is.

Many words used in English language have changed or broadened their meanings over time time that distract from the original thought. The deliberate as well as oblivious errors in translations have empowered the religious denominations to influence, manipulate masses of people because of misinterpretation and misunderstanding is nothing short of spiritual abuse.

Take the word metanoia, it is formed by meta, meaning together with, and nous, meaning mind, the word suggests a radical mind shift. This word has always been translated as "repentance," which is an old English word borrowed from the Latin word, penance. Then they added the "re" to put more emphasis on it meaning sin consciousness. Re-penance. This gross deception led to the perverted doctrines of indulgences, where naive, ignorant people were led to believe that they needed to purchase favor from an angry god...sincere repentance resulting in paying penance to atone for one's sin because of prolonged and insistent guilt and mental anguish for past wrongs.

When misused, misunderstood, misinterpreted and abused the Bible becomes a manipulative and dangerous book! It has confused and segregated more believers than any other book known to man. Scriptures have been used to justify some of the greatest atrocities in human history. People were tortured, burned to death and multitudes murdered based on somebody's misuse, misunderstanding, misinterpretation and abuse of the scriptures! The people committing such atrocities justified themselves by the Bible!

Jesus, Paul and believers throughout the ages faced their greatest opposition from those who think they know the scriptures because they can quote them.

Seek truth for yourself, from the Spirit of Truth within you.

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