There is Danger in THINKING we are Right if what we THINK is WRONG!

Because we claim to be believers, know the Bible and can quote verses as proof we are right, may be just living in the illusion that we have it right; that we alone understand the where, why, what and who of God and hold great pearls of wisdom that elude everyone else. Though we may have brief flashes of humility, most of us spend a lot of time fully enamored with our own thinking. This certainty of self wants to be seen and regarded as a deeply held conviction, but in a lot of self-claimed bible knowers it’s more often used as license to be a jackass Christian. It’s our absolute sense of rightness that usually justifies us to treat people badly and cross the line from righteous to self-righteous.

Believe me, I understand the hatefulness of people who so easily cast judgement and so freely condemn people to an eternal hell. They do it because they think they’re right. Even though they preach their religion in what feels like the most offensive, vile, bigoted fashion, at the core of all of it most of them genuinely believe their delusions to be true because they have accepted deception as truth. If they are people of faith, they do want to please God, they don’t want to go to the "Hell" they condemn sinners to.

Even though passionately verbalized, furiously and even arrogantly defended, religious beliefs and traditions whatever it may be...everyone...should remember there’s always a chance...and a pretty good one...that we may not be completely right and even maybe completely wrong regarding what we believe.

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