Jesus has DONE what He came to DO!

The announcement that Jesus would save the world...its people...was and is incredibly good news! The gospel of Jesus Christ is a revolutionary declaration that the old system of man's DOING so God would DO is DONE....the DOING of the new system was DONE by Christ COMPLETELY and the DOINGS of man are no longer relevant to establish or maintain a relationship with God! The new has come (see 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Revelation 21:4-5). Through His birth, living, death and resurrection Jesus brought a new spiritual kingdom to this earth populated with a new breed of man. Jesus didn't come to start a new religion called Christianity...He provided salvation from the havoc wreaked by the religious system of DO'S and DONT'S. Neither did Jesus come to cosmetically reform the religions system that is so predominate in the religious world today with its thousands of denominations. He came with new wine that cannot be mixed with the wine in the old wine skins and still be called the Gospel of Grace.

The mixing of Law and Grace is a mix-mash of religious hog-wash that has for the last 2000 years been preached has been proven to be a colossal failure in establishing the Church that Jesus (not man) said HE WOULD BUILD. One would think that by now that man would get the picture but, the religious spectacles has fogged the Gospel Message and confused his brain to accept the false gospel of Do's-and-DONT'S-plus-grace gospel as the TRUE Gospel. The religiously deceived are still living in babylonian captivity beating the devil's drum thinking they are sounding out the message of Jesus Christ...all the while adding to the problem of our shame and guilt laid on us because of religious expectations that we are unable to be live up to and we fail to partake of the solution Jesus provided to us.

Jesus came to end performance-based religion and give all humanity true rest. He came to announce another way to know and be known by God. He came to fulfill all of the requirements of the old covenant and no matter how often or hard religion preaches different, HE DID IT. When He finished His mission, effectively ending religion as a method by which humanity might experience relationship with God, He said, “It is finished” (John 19:30). 


The Grace Gospel of Christ turned religious conjectures and suppositions about who God is and how He should work right-side up. Christ-less religion during Jesus’ earthly ministry, and ever since then, believes that God should reward the faithful, hardworking and obedient. According to religion, one prerequisite for receiving God’s favor is living up to religious expectations. In addition to a long and formidable list of stipulations, Christ-less religion believes that God should work through its own conventional religious denominational institutions and structures...through its denominated seminarian trained and educated clergy...certainly not through some untrained and unlettered carpenter's son, or the untrained spiritually ignorant "lay" people of our day!

Well, much to the dismay of the religious was the Carpenter from Nazareth who came to reveal God. Jesus of Nazareth did not conform to the structures and methodologies of religion. His unconventional teaching proclaimed grace, offering true rest, including much-needed rest from performance-based religion as the way to relate to God. But instead of entering into the NEW the post-cross people transferred the OLD and Mixed it with the NEW and created a system of frustration and confusion that was sure to fail...and fail it has!

Friend if only you could catch a glimpse of the Grace of Jesus Christ. You can taste appetizing samples of God’s grace through Jesus’ parables and stories and metaphors and well as in His straight from the shoulder no-holds-barred confrontations with religion and the religious elite. 

Religion is all about paying your dues and gaining God's favor by your own endeavors in DOiNG the DO'S and not DOING the DONT'S, it's a CONFORMATION. It’s all about earning and getting what you deserve. 

Grace is all about God’s unmerited favor...its a TRANSFORMATION!


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